January Round Up 2018

Hello and welcome to our monthly round up for January 2018. ‘This month on SwitchWatch’ (AKA the SwitchWatch round up) is where we let you know all the articles, news and reviews you may have missed this past month. We have had a busy start to the new year, with logo rebranding, new additions to the team (welcome Jordan and Lachlan), and the addition of features that look at different aspects of games beyond just reviews. Now let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to.

News & Features

Make, Play, Discover: Nintendo Labo announced for Switch

First thoughts on Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo

This month Nintendo announced a new product aimed at kids, Nintendo Labo. To compliment our news article, Jordan spearheaded our first ever Team Talk. Team Talk is where multiple writers here at SwitchWatch collaborate on an article to let you know our individual thoughts on the latest news and games. You can find that here.

Visual Novel Shortage on Nintendo Switch

Lachlan’s first feature on the site was an article about the lack of visual novels on the Switch. Where are they and why should we care? You can find out here.

Lost Sphear: World Building Through NPCs

Also, Lachlan took a deep dive into the NPCs in the first town of Lost Sphear. This is a non spoiler article that looks into how even the most unimportant NPCs can contribute heavily to a games overall world building. You can read that article here.

Minecraft Nintendo Switch


My Unexpected Love For Minecraft

Brian talks about where his love for Minecraft started. Read along as he details what led him to give the series a chance, what his first moments were like, and how his love for the game grew. An interesting article you will find here.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Brian finished up his extensive review on Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a jrpg by Monolith Soft. The previous entries were known for their giant world’s, deep combat mechanics and top notch storytelling. Find out if the latest entry lives up to its predecessors here.

Darkest Dungeon

Also by Brian, a review of Darkest Dungeon is up. Darkest Dungeon is an RPG with roguelike elements. Enemies aren’t the only threat you’ll face, as you must also contend with stress, famine, disease and the ever encroaching dark. Did Brian luck out with two stellar RPGs to play? Find out here.


Celeste is a little indie game that blew Juan away. Celeste is a narrative driven single player platformer that has fans of indie games buzzing. See what about this game made Juan give it one of our highest scores here.


Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy

Juan also reviewed the punishing Super Meat Boy. We know this game is great, but is it just as good on the Switch? Help Meat Boy rescue Bandage Girl in this extremely challenging platformer that’s not for the faint of heart. Check it out here.

Steamworld Heist

Steamworld Heist has been ported to the Switch, and James was lucky enough to handle the review. Command your pirates in tactical turn based battles. See how the Switch version turned out here.

Zero Gunner 2

Zero Gunner 2 made its way onto the Switch, and Jordan seemed to love it. Don’t let the fact this was a Dreamcast title scare you off, as this shoot ’em up is one worth checking out. See what has Jordan raving about it here.

Wrap Up The Round Up

Finally, we have started our new Upcoming Games articles, so if you want to find out what’s coming out in the month of February then look no further! Well, you have to click the link, so I guess look one page further. We also have merch in our store page now, so if you want that lovable owl on a shirt, cap or mug then take a gander at what we’ve got for sale here. So that is what we have been up to this month on SwitchWatch. I hope you have been enjoying our hard work, and thank you all for your continued support.