physical releases

Physical Releases on Switch – Huge Week of Games!

Jordan over at SwitchWatchTV has his hands full this week, because wow. This is a…


what is a gamer
What Do We Mean When We Say “Gamer”?

What do we call someone whose hobby or passion is cinema? A cinephile? Maybe, but…

HD Remasters I Want to See on Switch

We all have those classic games we love revisiting. Whether they be a few years…

hollow knight
Hollow Knight, Insectroidvania – Nindie Spotlight

Hello, all you wonderful people, and welcome again to our Nindie Spotlight, where we talk…

smash bros ultimate roster
Who Could be Joining the Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster?

One of the only things that might be more fun than duking it out in…

Upcoming Nintendo Games 2020
The 2020 Nintendo Lineup So Far (May)

The last time we updated you on the 2020 Nintendo Lineup was back in February,…

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