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Physical Releases on Switch – Paradise is Burning!

Jordan over at SwitchWatchTV has gotten us pumped again about all the physical goodies coming to Switch soon. Check out the video below, or you can read the script here on

Let’s get physical! It’s Jordan here, back again with this week’s update on all the physical releases coming to the Nintendo Switch. We’re in the third week of June, and we’re looking at the 15th until the 19th.


Retail, low print, and imports, plus our community spotlight where you show off your pick ups and potentially win a physical Switch game.

Let’s get on with it!


Physical Releases

Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise is releasing this week, something many people are excited about. A classic racer that feels like it’s been around for a lifetime. Sadly, I always preferred the older games. The open world did nothing for me, and I long miss the days of Burnout Takedown. But, personal opinions aside, I know this is going to please a lot of people despite the surprisingly high price tag.

Railway Empire

I know I’ve mentioned this way too many times in previous episodes, since it keeps getting delayed, but finally, perhaps – just maybe – Railway Empire is getting released this week… and physically too! This is pretty much what it says on the tin. You build up your railway empire across the emerging American landscape, competing against other companies. It features many period trains that enthusiasts will enjoy, and hopefully the port turns out nice on the Switch.


Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Kollection

In North America, Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Kollection is seeing a release. Not quite a physical, since it’s a download code in a box, which as we all know is a bit pants. This includes all the updates and content given for Mortal Kombat 11 that’s been made so far and is much more packed than the original release. It’s also better value for money than buying the original game and then the DLC. There’s no European release for this.

Mega Party Titeuf Adventure

Mega Party Titeuf Adventure is releasing this week. I believe this is a wider release of a game already that I mentioned quite a long time ago. Either that or it got delayed. Who knows with Microids. Anyways, it looks pretty crap if we’re being honest here.


Ion Fury

An uncertainty is that of Ion Fury. It’s definitely coming, but I don’t know for sure if it’s this week or next week. Many retailers have had the game down in Europe for the 19th of June, but Ion Fury’s website now has it for the 26th. I know they have the game in hand so I think this week is still likely, but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t make it. This is an old-school shooter published by 3D Realms, going for that DOOM clone vibe that we all love. The physical release will also net you a mini art book and stickers. I inquired about if this physical is European only, but at the time of this video’s production, 3D Realms did not reply. I’ll edit info below if there are any developments in that. I hope North Americans are getting this too since it looks badass.

Farmer’s Dynasty

Now last week I missed a game, I thought it was just a placeholder since it’s been around a while, but yeah, Farmer’s Dynasty released physically last week. This is an interesting mix of hardcore farming simulation like you’d find in that titular series, but going all Harvest Moon on us and including life simulation elements. This does look slightly rough around the edges, especially in the character models. However, people who have played on other systems have found it to be a nice alternative to Farming Simulator.


Let’s jump into the low print releases!

Low Print Releases

Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend was announced about 2 hours after last week’s episode. Pretty typical. Limited Run put up this popular eShop title for pre-order. I remember when this released digitally on the Switch a while ago, it shot straight to the top of the charts, seemingly out of nowhere. I still haven’t played it, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it.


Cross Code

Cross Code was also put up for order last week. Looks like I’m really playing catch up! This is published by ININ Games on Strictly Limited’s website via their distribution line. Which means it will receive a wider, less special release in the future. There’s a standard edition plus a collector’s edition that might actually be sold out by the time this video goes live. Anyways, this is a well received indie game, and there was a lot of hype about it in our discord server. Who’s ordered this one?

Graceful Explosion Machine

Super Rare Games have their latest game announced. Seems like every week now! Anyways, their next release was a bit of a gem on the Switch during its early days. And yes that pun was definitely intended as their next release is Graceful Explosion MachineG.E.M! I never played this back when it released, but I remember there was a bit of a buzz around it even if many people may have forgotten about it since. I’m just surprised it’s take this long! You can pre-order this on June 18th!


Let’s jump into the imports this week.


Just remember that if any take your fancy and you’d like to import them for yourself then there are import links below in the description and pinned comment. It helps support this little series and SwitchWatch as a whole so we very much appreciate it. Plus, in return, if you use our links you can get 5% off your order if you use the coupon code SWITCHWATCHTV while checking out.


Murder By Numbers

Murder By Numbers was a very interesting and popular indie game that released digitally not so long ago. Mix murder mystery with Picross, and you’ve got yourself a game that I’m 100% ordering. It’s got badass art work plus a soundtrack by the dude who did Ace Attorney, and boy has this got me pumped.


As always there’s a standard edition as well as a collector’s edition, which comes with a 2CD soundtrack (oh baby), manual, sticker set, and certificate. It’s limited to 2000 copies, so be there on June 18th 11pm Hong Kong time.


Murder By Numbers Collector’s Edition

Namcot Collection

One of the highlights so far in terms of imports this year, for persons of a certain age, may very well be the Namcot Collection. Yes, Namcot, not Namco. This is a collection of old console ports of their well-loved arcade games. This is a cheap and cheerful import, perhaps one of the most wallet friendly around, and it includes 11 games on the cartridge with English! It also includes a bonus title especially for the physical version. I do believe there will be DLC for this to include even more to match up with the two digital releases in the west, so there’s 22 games overall but 11 on the cartridge, hence the really cheap price. On the cartridge, you’re looking at classics such as NES Pac-man, Dragon Spirit, Galaga and even Splatterhouse. I’m definitely picking this one up! Hopefully can get a review done for you!


Gunka o Haita Neko & Others

Prototype have another visual novel for us. This time it’s Gunka o Haita Neko, a furry infused Otome that doesn’t appear to have English.

There’s also one called Harukanaru Toki No Naka De 7 from Koei Tecmo.



Plus Variable Barricade. Both of which do not have English.


Right guys, hope you enjoyed this episode of New Physicals. Special thanks to our executive producers Dane Wilkinson, God of Resin, Jonathan Rumore, Ganacus and all the others who have joined our membership. We really appreciate you guys. See you guys next time!

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