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Atooi Announces Soccer Slammers for Switch

Atooi Announces Soccer Slammers for Switch

Well loved indie game developer Jools Watsham has announced a new game that’s coming to the Nintendo Switch! The creator of titles such as Mutant Mudds, Xeodrifter and Chicken Wiggle stated in a blog post that Soccer Slammers will be released on the Nintendo Switch, just in time for the World Cup. Funny how these things work out!

There’s not much to go on so far aside from a single screenshot, but we’re promised action similar NBA Jam where it’s a 2-v-2 affair. Could be pretty sweet!

soccer slammers on switch

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In other news Jools confirmed that Treasurnauts is still progressing nicely (yay!), Mutant Mudds sales did just “okay”, while Totes the Goat is in Nintendo lot-check and will be priced at $4.99 without any ads or in-app purchases and finally, there will be more information regarding a possible Kickstarter for a Chicken Wiggle HD Remaster.

Phew! That’s a lot of stuff for such a small indie developer. Oh, and don’t forget that Xeodrifter will be making its way to the Switch on February 15th for $9.99.

Chicken Wiggle hd remaster kickstarter?

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Will you guys be picking up any of these potentially excellent little titles? Let us know in the comments below!

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