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news roundup

News Roundup – New Switch Lite, Fortnite Season 2

two point hospital

Two Point Hospital Review – Time for a Checkup!

golf story

Golf Story – Nindie Spotlight


Nintendo Needs to Milk its Nostalgia

hatsune miku

Hatsune Miku Project Diva Mega Mix Review

best bargains

Best Bargains on the eShop – Look At Them Deals!

6 switch games

6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week

katana zero

Katana ZERO – Nindie Spotlight


Female Representation in Nintendo Games


Skellboy Review – It Seems I Lost Me Head

psikyo shooting stars bravo

Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo Review

10 reasons

10 Reasons to Get Excited About Rune Factory 4

best bargains

Best Bargains on the eShop – Get Them Wallets Ready

6 switch games

6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week


Valfaris’ New Update Turns It Up To 11

the turing test

The Turing Test Review – Hello, Tom

indie games

Why We Should Put Our Faith in Indie Games


KUNAI Review – It’s a Ninjavania, baby!


Eqqo Review – Taking Care of That Egg

oddworld: stranger's wrath

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Review


Wargroove – Nindie Spotlight


February 2020 – 15 New Switch Games Launching!

best bargains

Best Bargains on the eShop – Ooh, my my!

6 switch games

6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week

monster energy

Monster Energy Supercross 3 Review

not tonight

Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition Review

hypercharge unboxed

HYPERCHARGE Unboxed Review – The Toys Are Real!

the gardens between

The Gardens Between – Nindie Spotlight

best bargains

Best Bargains on the eShop – Sales Galore!

6 switch games

6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week

short games

Short Games List – Top Games Under 4 Hours!

foxyland 2

FoxyLand 2 Review – Gotta Rescue Them Pups!

demon pit

Demon Pit Review – Get Behind Me, Satan!

6 switch games

6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week

lydia review

Lydia Review – A Nightmare for a Child

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Review

Visual Novels Worth a Look on the Switch

6 switch games

6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week

super mega space blaster special

Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo Review

atelier dusk trilogy

Atelier Dusk Trilogy Review

bargains for this week

This Week’s Bargains! Sales on the Switch eShop

way forward day

WayForward Day – Hosted By Limited Run Games

super robot wars

Super Robot Wars X Review

Top Nintendo Switch Co-Op

Top Nintendo Switch Co-Op Games

pokemon direct

Pokémon Direct Will Be Live on January 9, 2020

best bargains

Best Bargains – 2020 Deals Have Begun

Top 15 Indies Part 2 – SwitchWatchTV

happy new year

Happy New Year from!

Game of the Year 2019

Game of the Year 2019

Best Bargains

Best Bargains – End of the Year and Onward

vampyr review

Vampyr Review – Love at First Bite

this week's bargains

This Week’s Bargains! Holiday Special Edition

pulstario review

Pulstario Review – To Infinity and Beyond!

samurai shodown review

Samurai Shodown Review

merry christmas

Merry Christmas from

Physical Switch Releases – December Week 4

Down to Hell Review

lots of bargains

Lots of Bargains! Switch eShop Sales This Week

neverwinter nights

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Review

2020 imports

2020 Imports – Buyer’s Guide

New Nintendo Switch Games Coming in 2020 (160+)

shovel knight showdown

Shovel Knight Showdown Review

star ocean

Star Ocean First Departure R Review

17 bargains

17 Switch eShop Games on Sale This Week

Press Release

Press Release from