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We seek to provide high quality content and some of the best written material in the gaming world. We will always respect and appreciate our writers, inviting them into our SwitchWatch family. And we strive to be a well-respected outlook publication in the gaming industry and long for strong and meaningful relationships with developers, publishers, and other publications.

Letter from the Editor


Welcome to SwitchWatch.co.uk. My name is Jason Capp, the editor-in-chief here. At SwitchWatch.co.uk, we provide top-quality news, reviews, features, and more related to Nintendo and their lovely hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch. Our writers are all awesome and are here to serve you. We will provide the best original content we can offer, and we believe it will change the gaming world for the better.

We strive to become a well-respected site in the industry and hope to bring a lot of love, joy, and honor to the gaming world. We also highly value our writers and contributors and will do whatever it takes to make them feel like family.

Our YouTube channel, SwitchWatchTV, consists of the faces of our brand; Juan, James, and Jordan. Please consider subscribing to them for some of the most in-depth reviews, previews, and insight regarding the Nintendo Switch.

Our written reviews here on the site focus on 5 key areas of a game; Story, Gameplay, Audio, Visuals & Performance, and Value. We grade these areas individually on a 1 to 10 scale, and then we average it out.

For our Features, we try to present ideas that will spark discussion. Our goal is not to create controversy, but to provide a safe place for people to share and learn.

Thank you very much for stopping by SwitchWatch.co.uk, and we hope to see you again soon. Happy gaming, everyone!

Jason Capp