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Ninja Showdown Nintendo Switch Review-A blast with 4

Ninja Showdown Nintendo Switch Review-A blast with 4

Developer: Bitmap Bureau

Publisher: Red Star Games

Release Date: Out now

Price as of Article: £9.99 $14,95

Ninja Showdown doesn’t have a story so we will not review this part of the game and it will not be scored. This review is late, in fact, it’s very late. We wanted to make sure we gave this game a fair shake and thought we could only do that by getting four players to play this locally.

Ninja showdown has a really cool retro sounding track which plays throughout this game and I for one enjoyed listening to it.The sound effects are all very simple and do the job nicely. My favourite part has to be the commentator who just has a great deep voice getting you revved up for action.

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If you have played Bitmap Bureau’s 88 Heroes then the visuals here will seem fairly familiar. The stages are in a 2D format but  don’t move. The ninjas are drawn well enough but there is no variation between the ones you choose, just the colour of the garments change. I would say it’s not the most impressive game you will see visually in an indie game but then it is trying to emulate a retro style and in that, it does succeed.


There are a number colour variations when choosing your Ninja but other than that there are no other customisation options. When playing with four players, I did not ever encounter any slowdown or missed frames which was good to see as things do at times get hectic on screen.

Playing this game is a very simple affair. You have one button to jump, one to throw a weapon and the other to carry out your melee attack. There are a few different modes to choose from and each is fun in their own way. The main issue I have with the gameplay is just how easy it is to die and controlling your Ninja does take a little while to get used too. This is because they jump around so fast and this for me leads to the main problem. When killing enemies you need to be very precise but the controls don’t really allow you that precision which makes dying all the more frustrating. Solo mode, unfortunately, becomes stale rather quickly.

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Once you involve four people playing together then things certainly become a lot more fun and the games main flaw in a funny way is not highlighted so much. This may be because everyone is having too much fun trying to get as many kills as possible against each other. We soon forgot about the controls and just kind of got on with it. You can play a variety of different modes which are all pretty fun. Holding onto a Crown for as long as possible without getting taken out was always a great barrel of laughs. The other is a straight shootout to get as many kills as possible and another mode had you stealing coins from each other and the player with the most coins at the end wins. Each mode involved killing your fellow Ninjas.



The game is currently £9,99 or $14,95 and the value is only fully realised when playing with friends locally. Playing solo wears thin rather quickly and there are also no online modes or leaderboards to hold your attention to post those high scores. If you are going to buy this then I recommend you play this one with friends most of the time.

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