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Wireless Adapter Makes Xbox and PS4 Controllers Switch Compatible
The MAGIC-NS adapter makes all of these controllers compatible with your Switch, PS3 and PC.

I was recently informed of an incredible accessory for the Switch by a friend.  The Mayflash MAGIC-NS is an adapter which allows you to connect a wide variety of controllers wirelessly to your Nintendo Switch, PS3 or PC.

You simply need to plug the adapter into the USB port on your Switch.  After that, you will need to plug your controller via its cable into the USB port on the very end of the adapter.  This will immediately connect the controller to your Switch.  After unplugging the cable, the controller will remain connected to your Switch via Bluetooth.  However, it will lose its connection if you unplug the adapter as that is now acting as the wireless Bluetooth dongle for the controller.  Also, wired controllers can simply remain plugged directly into the adapter in order to be used.


If you want to use this adapter while in tabletop mode, you will need a USB-C to USB adapter and a stand elevating the Switch off the surface.  Just plug the Mayflash MAGIC-NS adapter into this adapter, and you are good to go!  Unfortunately, this means you cannot play in tabletop mode while consecutively charging your system, but it is still an option.

The Mayflash MAGIC-NS adapter only controls one player at a time.  You are able to connect multiple controllers to the adapter at once, but they will all be registered to a single player.  (Credit to YouTuber Austin John Plays for discovering this.)


While using this adapter, your Switch controllers will still be able to connect.  It will not interfere with them whatsoever, so this adapter is perfect for multiplayer games or for people who simply prefer controllers available for other consoles.

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The Mayflash MAGIC-NS adapter can be purchased on for $24.90.  For the ability to play with your favorite controllers on the Switch, I find this to be a very fair price.

You can check out the trailer to this device below.

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