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Make, Play, Discover: Nintendo Labo announced for Switch

Earlier today, Nintendo released a trailer for a new game for the Nintendo Switch. That game is Nintendo Labo, a game tailor made for kids, and one that plays unlike anything we have seen on consoles. Trust Nintendo to come up with something so unique and out of the box.

But what is Nintendo Labo? Buying the game nets you a game that corresponds with the kit you bought, along with sheets of cardboard with pop out creations. These creations are know as “Toy-cons”, and are bizarre housings for your joy-cons to slot into. You then use these toy-cons to play mini games on the Switch tablet.

In the video you see a 13 key piano, and amazingly after slotting the joy-con into the back of it, the piano turns from a cardboard replica into a fully working instrument. You also see a fishing rod with a working reel, among other weird and wonderful creations.

Nintendo Labo Piano

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The cardboard sheets come pre cut with markings for folds and what not to help with the building process. You just need to pop out the toy-con you want, follow the building instructions on the Switch screen,then insert the joy-cons and you are ready to go. Some of the creations look like they could get pretty complex, using strings and rubber bands to help with the movement of some of the more intricate pieces.

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Weird gaming peripherals aren’t unique on their own. The Wii had multiple gun, fishing rod and sporting adapters for your controllers, and for the most part they failed to move the needle. Where Nintendo Labo sets itself apart however, is the fact that you must build these peripherals yourself. This could give children a sense of ownership over their creations even if they are just following instructions on premade parts. Whether that will be enough to keep kids playing will be interesting to find out, but for now this remains an intriguing idea with some potential.

Nintendo Labo will be available on the 20th of April, 2018.

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