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Top Nintendo Switch Co-Op Games

Ever pined for some great co-op games on your Nintendo Switch? Well, look no further! The boys at SwitchWatchTV have put together a fantastic list of co-op greats! Check out the video below for the Top Nintendo Switch Co-Op Games. Or you can continue past the video to read the transcript.

The only thing better than playing a Nintendo Switch is playing one with a friend. There are countless multiplayer games on the Switch, and here we will be focusing on co-op games. Ones that you can play with your buddies on the couch. Here are a bunch of solid co-op titles worth picking up.


Death Road to Canada

Originally released with support for 2 player co-op, this was boosted up to 4 in a patch. A welcome addition to this quirky, heavily randomized survival game.

This one is all about risk versus reward. There are decisions to be made throughout this journey and each playthrough is unique, but always features hilarious moments making it a great hangout game.


Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a top down, twin-stick shooter that’s challenging and a blast to play. The game randomizes each playthrough so you will face different enemies using different weapons in different locations each time you play. It never gets old!

You can play with a friend in local coop, and it’s very playable with just a joy con each.


Death Squared

This one is a co-op puzzle game that involves working closely together. There are 80 levels in the campaign for you and a friend to enjoy. There are an additional 40 different four-player party levels to experience as well.

top nintendo switch co-op

Diablo III

The classic dungeon raider is fantastic on the Nintendo Switch as a solo experience. But I have always found it to be a game best enjoyed with friends and we have a few options here. You can play with a single Switch where each play with a joy-con. It’s a slightly odd way to play given the lack of buttons, but it is surprisingly not too bad. Things get better when you have a pro controller each, though.


Up to four of you can play locally this way and delve into the depths to get that loot! Another awesome option is local wireless play. You and up to three friends can play on separate Switches locally without the need for an internet connection. Online multiplayer options that you are familiar with from other consoles are here as well, making this a strong contender for the top Nintendo Switch co-op game, especially if a deeper, more in depth co-op experience is what you are looking for.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

When you think of Mario Kart, it’s not coop that springs to mind. However, you can play as teams in the game’s various modes. You also have many options in how to play together either huddled over a single Switch with joy-cons, locally on split screen, or local multiplayer with up to 8 switches.



Snipperclips was made to show off the Switch at release. This fun little puzzle game is perfect for players of all ages. You need to work together to shape yourselves into the right tools for the job, requiring some thinking and partnership to achieve success with a joy-con each.

Aces of the Luftwaffe

Playing this one at Christmas with family it ended up being a surprising co-op hit! With up to four playing on screen at once using joy-cons or pro controllers, this is a blast. It’s a shmup in which there are always four pilots, each with their own skills which can be coordinated for devastating effects. And you earn medals which can be used to upgrade each characters plane and weapons, giving you that sense of progression.


Top Nintendo Switch Co-Op

Rocket League

Rocket League is a mad mash-up of soccer and cars in which your aim is to score into the opposing teams goal. It’s one of the most competitive games available on the Switch. That requires a fair amount of skill to be any good at, but it can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. Online you have the ability to choose 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, or 4 vs 4 matches by teaming up with buddies, and you can also play locally using split screen. If you and your friends all have a Switch, you can also play this one in local multiplayer with support for up to 8 players.


The Binding of Isaac

Similar to Enter the Gungeon, in the Binding of Isaac, you play in a top-down roguelite dungeon crawler. You can play the game with up to four locally. Each new character takes a heart from your first character to keep the difficulty high.


Working together to build masterpieces makes Minecraft the perfect co-op experience. You can do this locally on split screen with up to four players or online. You can even play with friends on other platforms. There’s also local multiplayer using multiple switches.



While co-op gameplay may not be at the heart of what makes a Psikyo shooter great, many of them are actually well worth playing multiple times with a friend by your side. Why? Well, a good few of the Psikyo shooters such as Gunbird and Samurai Aces give you completely unique endings depending on which character combinations are chosen between you and your partner. And due to the often funny nature of the cutscenes, it’s well worth playing through to see them all.

Rayman Legends

Platform games in coop can vary wildly from game to game. It’s not easy to balance and often you find it makes things frustrating or the second player is more or less just watching you play. Rayman Legends on the other hand is a great, wholesome game to play as two and can be played by four locally. What’s nice is that you can dip in or out at any point and can choose from a range of characters to play as. So if a family member or friend rocks up, they can jump right in.



Wargroove is a turn based strategy game. On its face, you would think co-op doesn’t fit, except it does and really well! You can play as a team and have the choice of playing with up to 3 of your friends locally on 2 vs 2, 2 vs AI, or 2 vs 1 plus 1 AI. Doing this you can either share a control or each player can have their own. There’s also play and pass available to complete with a fog of war to hide what’s going on from your opponents. At launch, you could only play against friends online, but with the addition of AI enemies, you can now play online coop as well.


Your goal is to escape the castle in this top down twin-stick hack-n-slash adventure. It looks like crap and is a bit rough but it’s super addictive! Especially when played with friends. That’s certainly the way to enjoy this one! You share lives, and it’s a tough game so good teamwork is essential. There are 7 different classes from healer to ranger to tank, all in the classic RPG style. We ended up playing this for a couple of days, determined to get further. The developer is even working on introducing online multiplayer in the future.



This one is a 2 player, couch co-op game.


The concept is a simple one. Black and white lines crisscross the screen, and each player is white or black. You can block the lines stream of the opposite color and touching your own color’s beam will kill you. You need to work together in order to cross the screen and complete each level. The puzzles make you scratch your head, and the visuals are artistic and lovely-looking. If you’re looking for a chilled, brainteaser to play as a pair, this is a good choice.



This is a fantastic vs game. It’s fast paced, frantic and fun. That said, the Switch version includes the ascension expansion that has two co-op play modes: quest and dark world. Quest can be played by two players and your aim is to survive a number of waves. In dark world, up to 4 can play and you take on levels and bosses. Both modes are enjoyable but the real fun here is against each other. If that’s what your after, then coop is just a nice bonus here.



ARMS is a blast to play when using a pair of joy cons and punching the air. With a friend, things get even better. We really enjoyed playing the Grand Prix mode right the way through as a co-op pair. When playing as a 2, there are 2 enemies per stage instead of just the 1 to defeat. It’s a blast played this way. You can also team up in vs mode as a group of four and fight 2 vs 2. As a side benefit, it’s also a great workout!

Overcooked 2

This one caught me by surprise. I picked it up when it went on sale, and I’ve found myself playing it with my girlfriend nonstop! It’s not a bad game when played solo, but it’s clearly intended to be played together in local coop. The goal is to serve up dishes by collaborating. One of you chips whilst the other prepares the food and serves. It’s simple at first, but it gets complex very quickly leading to some genuinely tense and hilarious moments! You can play locally with up to four players as well as online.



One of the coolest platformers out there with a unique, 1930s-cartoon style that works so well. This features a lovely drop in arcade-style co-op where the second player plays as Cuphead’s sidekick Mugman as you try to pay back your debt to the devil. You can play with a single joy-con each either in docked or tabletop mode. It’s a great and challenging title to tackle with a mate!

Sniper Elite 3

There’s something sickeningly satisfying about blasting someone’s head off from a distance in bone crunching slow motion. There is sadly no local coop mode, but you can play with a friend online. Either through the game’s campaign or in the game’s 2 co-op specific modes, Overwatch and Survival. In Overwatch, one of you is the sniper while the other plays as the spotter and assistant taking on objectives. In Survival, you team up against waves of enemies that become harder and harder.


River City Girls

River City Girls is a beat-em-up in the style of Double Dragon and Streets of Rage 2 and naturally a perfect fit for local couch coop. In this one, you play as Kyoko and Misako, two high school girls that set out to rescue their boyfriends who have been kidnapped. This is a short but fun title that’s best enjoyed with a buddy!

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There you have it everyone! I hope you enjoyed this video from James, Jordan, and Juan. There are a bunch of co-op games on this list, but there are so many more. They might even have to make another video highlighting other Top Nintendo Switch Co-Op games.


Thank you so much for reading the script here on We hope it served you well. Why not try one of these co-op games and play with a friend? Happy gaming, everyone!

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