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Nuclien Review

Nuclien Review

Nuclien Feature

Nuclien Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Springloaded

Publisher: Springloaded

Release Date: January 19th 2018

Price as of Article: $3.99 USD, £2.99 GBP

At the beginning of the universe, there is nothing. An empty void, no life, just emptiness. There is a need for the DNA architect to successfully sequence, and thus starting off the origin of everything that exists. The story is bare bones and vague, with not much substance here. This isn’t why you come to play Nuclien.

The music design in Nuclien is actually pretty great. Its electronic soundtrack gets your heart pumping, accentuating the stressful puzzles you will be solving. The way the sound gels perfectly with the music that’s playing is also a testament to the sound design. Unfortunately not all the tracks are winners, with the most notable one being the main menu music. It is rather tedious and grating with it’s off time beeps, but it’s a small misstep in an otherwise brilliant sounding game.

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Visually the game is rather lacklustre, with the screen consisting of bland backgrounds and boring styled numbers on top. The way it interacts with the music and screen taps is interesting, but more so distracting. Your attention is on the numbers, and not the backgrounds, so you cannot appreciate what is happening in the heat of the moment unless it pulls your focus.

There were no performance issues I ran into, which is always good news. Something to note though is that the game must be played in handheld mode, and cannot be played docked. This is because it has touch screen only controls, which is obviously not able to be done when the unit is docked.

Nuclien Gameplay

Nuclien is a rather basic puzzle game that can melt your brain and test your reflexes. The basics are simple, tap the numbers on the screen as they appear. As you continue though, things get harder. You will be asked to tap numbers in ascending or descending order, then eventually both depending on whether the numbers are surrounded by a circle or a square.

As the challenges get harder, the time it gives you to complete each level lessens to the point of complete insanity. This game gets impossibly hard. It seems like a game that would be easy to master if given time, but unfortunately it’s just not fun to play. Tapping numbers in sequential order is just tedious, and becomes a real chore almost immediately.

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*This review was written by Lachlan Bruce for SwitchWatch

Is Nuclien worth your hard earned cash? The game is priced extremely low, so it could be very tempting to buy in and try this out. Unfortunately there really isn’t much here. It is light on modes, the gameplay changes aren’t dramatic, and you are playing something that feels like it would be more at home on your phone than on the Switch.



Great Music

Sound interacts with music and visuals in interesting ways


Visually bland

Gameplay isn’t fun

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