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Physical Releases – Journey to Bikini Bottom!

Jordan over at SwitchWatchTV has once again given us a great look at the Physical Releases coming to Switch this week, and these aren’t your granddaddy’s Physical Releases either. These are some grade-A ones that will excite your pants off! Check out the video below, or you can continue downward to read the script here on

Let’s get physical! It’s Jordan here, back again with this week’s update on all the physical releases coming to the Nintendo Switch. We’re in the fourth and final full week of June! We’re looking at the 22nd until the 25th.


We take a look at retail physical releases, low print releases, and imports, plus our community spotlight where you show off your pick ups and potentially win a physical Switch game. And yes, as the final week of the month, we will be giving away a very special double prize to one of you! Don’t worry, next week we’ve got something else nice for you too! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.

Let’s get on with it!


Physical Releases

Little Town Hero

Little Town Hero is finally seeing it’s physical release in the west. It’s been out in Japan physically for a while now, which is the simple version I picked up. But in the west, NIS America are picking up the reins and releasing the Big Idea Edition which contains lots of extra goodies like an art book, pin set, poster and soundtrack CD from Toby Fox. This game is very divisive. I highly recommend you check out my review to find out if it’s something you’d enjoy. It’s a very difficult game, requires lots of pre-planning, and even then there’s bags of luck involved. I sort of enjoyed it, almost as much as I hated it at times. But once it clicks with you, it’s a much better experience.

Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated has a lot of people excited, I’m sure. This is an HD port of an absolute cult classic from a couple of generations ago. A 3D platformer that did the show justice and proved that some licensed tie-in games can be made well. Now, I have zero experience with this, because if I’m being honest, I despised Spongebob as a kid. I realize we’re going to lose half our subscribers because I said that, but I have to be honest. Jason was able to review the game, so check it out here!



Indivisible is launching this week to retail after already being sent out to Indiegogo backers. This was developed by Lab Zero, more famous for their Skull Girls fighting series. This is an action platformer with RPG combat, supposedly inspired by Valkyrie Profile. It features fantastic art work as you’d expect. The gameplay is supposedly pretty decent.

Truck and Logistics Simulator

Truck and Logistics Simulator is obviously the release you’ve all been waiting for. Can you find a more thrilling title than that? Look, I know. These kind of games are easy targets, but they make them for a good reason. They actually sell. Not to you or me. But casual folk out there do love a good mundane simulator. No offense, there’s something so comforting about joining in with menial tasks. Anyways, this physical is exclusive to Europe and Australia, so if North Americans need more logistics in their life, you will need to import this one.


Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet is releasing physically this week, probably anyways. This is a humorous space adventure game that was well-received on original release not too long ago. You explore a wonderful alien world seeing all sorts of stuff and try to survive. I’ve not played it before, but you can bet I’ll pick this up physically once it’s in my price range. Now, I said it’s probably this week, but Amazon seems to disagree with statements the publisher has put out. But supposedly it’s the 26th of June! Who’s picking this up?

Collar X Malice

Collar X Malice is perhaps releasing this week. A bit of an uncertainty, I know it’s releasing digitally and Aksys Games are publishing a physical although its difficult to find definitive statement of the physical coming at the same time. What is it with publisher stores not putting release dates on their listings. Signature Edition games do it too and it winds me up. Anyways, tangential gripes aside, this is a visual novel, an otome, I believe, which isn’t my area of expertise, so if anyone wants to chime in about this, feel free to do so!


Escape Game – Fort Boyard

Escape Game – Fort Boyard is a maybe this week. Always difficult to tell with Microids. Anyways, this is a action puzzle games as you try to escape the titular fortification. It looks like absolute shovel ware so don’t have high expectations on this one. I tell ya a gameshow that we do need though. Bring back some Crystal Maze, guys! Or Jungle Run. Anyone remember that as a kid? That was badass!

Dungeon of the Engless

And finally, it appears that Dungeon of the Endless is getting its release in North America this week. It’s already out in Europe!


Let’s jump into the low print releases!

Low Print Releases

Now I’ve been properly busy this last week, so it’s been hard keeping up with new announcements. As far as I’m aware however, this week we only have one and it’s from Special Reserve Games and Limited Run, they’re doing a tag team once again.


Mother Russia Bleeds

This time with Mother Russia Bleeds. Each with different cover art. Limited Run have 2000 copies of one variant while Special Reserve have 3000 available for theirs. I’ll be honest, I’m more of a fan of Special Reserves cover art on this one. The game itself is a much enjoyed beat-em-up, great for co-op play for up to 4 people. June 23rd is the release for both if you want to be there.

Did I miss any other Low Print announcements? Do let me know!



Let’s jump into the imports this week. It’s a big-ish week this week in terms of eastern delights. Just remember that if any take your fancy and you’d like to import them for yourself then there are import links below in the description and pinned comment. It helps support this little series and SwitchWatch as a whole so we very much appreciate it. Plus, in return, if you use our links you can get 5% off your order if you use the coupon code SWITCHWATCHTV while checking out.

Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat is an interesting release. This was once an exclusive physical release for Super Rare Games, their first one in fact and if you want it now, it costs a pretty penny. However, since the game was such a massive success digitally, especially in Japan, Super Rare Games released its from its exclusivity to allow for a Japanese physical release in Japan. THis has 10 extra skins, latest update, plus English on the cartridge, so if you were after this physically, then now is your chance.

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Human Fall Flat


Mr Driller Encore

Mr. Driller Encore is Bandai’s second import exclusive in as many weeks. Last week they had the mini Namcot Collection which I reviewed. This week, it’s Mr. Driller’s HD port. There’s no western physical, at least not at the time of writing, so if you want to get your hands on this physically, then it’s import only. Thankfully it does have English. If you don’t know what Mr. Driller is, it’s an action puzzle game where you drill down to the bottom of the screen. It sounds simple, but there’s some Bandai magic thrown in there for good measure. Plenty of game modes, multiplayer, this looks to be a nice fun title and if you enjoyed their Katamari Damacy HD port, then you’ll surely want this one in your collection too.

Mr. Driller Encore


Brigandine: Legend of Runersia

Brigandine: Legend of Runersia is a tactical RPG, a supposedly pretty epic one at that. There are six nations trying secure dominance, lots of characters, monsters, some great art work, this has all the hallmarks of a cult classic in the making. Limited Run Games did a pre-order for this one already, but if you missed out, or don’t fancy waiting then the Japanese and Asian release are fine since they both include English. PLus, there’s a collector’s edition too which includes a 2CD soundtrack, Visual book and strategy book, although one supposes that’s not going to have English. Never mind though! Who ordered from Limited Run and who’s picking this as an import? Let us know!

Brigandine Standard
Brigandine Collector’s Edition
Brigandine (Asian v.)



SHOUJO JIGOKU NO DOKU MUSUME is a fascinating looking RPG from Nippon Ichi Software, better known in the west as NIS. Sadly, there’s no English in this Japanese release, and I don’t believe a western release has been announced yet either. But most of their stuff comes around eventually.



Right guys, hope you enjoyed this episode of new Physical Releases. Special thanks to our executive producers Dane Wilkinson, God of Resin, Jonathan Rumore, Ganacus and all the others who have joined our membership, we really appreciate you guys. Check out last week’s monster episode in case you missed it, and we’ll see you guys next time!

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