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Blasphemous DLC The Stir of Dawn Coming August 4th

Blasphemous is metroidvania game that was funded quite successfully on Kickstarter, and it made its way to our Switch consoles on September 10, 2019. The long-awaited Blasphemous DLC The Stir of Dawn will be dropping a lot sooner than many of us were expecting. The free DLC will drop on Nintendo’s wonderful hybrid console on August 4, 2020. Check out the trailer below!

The team at The Game Kitchen have been hard at work to bring this DLC to Blasphemous. The goal behind the expansion was actually listening to their players and delivering some of the most requested features, as well as advanced features promised in the Kickstarter campaign.


Blasphemous DLC The Stir of Dawn Content

  • Some areas of the base game have been completely re-decorated.
  • Added “executions” to almost every enemy.
  • The map feature has been completely reworked with usability in mind. ¡You can now place your own markers! 
  • Revisit Cvstodia from a new angle, with the most anticipated “New Game+” mode.
  • The story and world of Cvstodia have been expanded with new areas, NPCs and interesting items to collect.
  • Fight “The Amanecidas”, the especially vicious bosses that will really put your abilities to test.
  • “True Torment”: optionally, choose to revisit Cvstodia with one of the three challenging ways to make the game harder, for a chance to obtain the ultimate persistent upgrade to The Penitent One.
  • Full ‘Castilian Spanish’ voice over: for both the base content and the DLC content, featuring some of the best Spanish voice actors out there!
  • Most importantly, you can pet a puppers!

Delivering Promised Stretch Goals

The Stir of Dawn also represents The Game Kitchen’s first effort to deliver stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign, particularly the following content:

  • New Game+: The No.1 request from the community of players.
  • Nightmare Mode: They promised an alternative way to play, specifically designed for the most experienced players, and they delivered 3 of them! In “True Torment”, you will be asked to choose among three significantly different ways to make the game harder. If you manage to beat it, the rewards at the end will be your to keep.

It seems like the Blasphemous DLC The Stir of Dawn is going to be one hell of a package, and the fact that it is free means fans and players can dive in at no risk at all. Once again, this expansion arrives on Switch August 4th! Make sure to mark your calendars.



Thank you for tuning in to for all of your Blasphemous news and DLC needs. What do you think of this upcoming free content? Are you ready to dive back into this haunting game? Or do you think you will take a pass on this one? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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