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Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games – February 2018

Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games – February 2018

While January may have been a little on the quiet side for Nintendo Switch owners (I think we’re all just recovering from the massive 2017 the company just had!), it seems like February is getting back to business with big releases. Here we’ve compiled some releases heading our way in the grand month of February. These are the ones we feel are the most exciting and interesting on both a personal level and on a general level. We hope you enjoy our list!


Dragon Quest Builders

This was a fairly big title for Square Enix when it released back in 2016. Trying to jump on the Minecraft bandwagon, this sandbox open-world RPG was enjoyed by critics and gamers alike, many of whom lauded it as being better than its inspiration. With all the staples of the genre, Dragon Quest Builders goes further in the story telling department as your hero collects materials to rebuild the world of Alefgard.

With Dragon Quest Builders 2 already announced to be in development for the Switch, this is the perfect time to jump in and catch up with the series. If you’re still unsure, there’s a rather cute demo available for download on the eShop right now.

Dragon Quest Builders is scheduled for release on February 9th.

Dragon quest builders on switch


Released on PC in late 2016, Owlboy was an indie darling. After a long development period of nine years, when it finally released it was lauded as a Metroidvania classic that played just as well as it looked. It charmed it’s audience on PC and will hopefully charm console owners when it simultaneously releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

You may make the case that the Switch is home to never ending ports rather than exclusives, but when they are this quality you just can’t grumble.

Owlboy is due to release on February 13th.

owlboy on switch

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Bayonetta 1 + 2

Yes, another port, and yes, there will be more on this list, but Bayonetta 1 and 2 deserve to be played by a bigger audience as possible. The second entry in the soon-to-be trilogy was exclusive to the Wii U, a failed console, so its audience was limited. It only seemed natural that it would be sent out to a wider audience potential on the Switch.

Both games are highly regarded for their perfected high-end action gameplay that stands amongst the best games in the genre. Sure, Bayonetta 1 probably looks a little rough these days, but Bayonetta 2 will still be gorgeous, and both will play as fantastically as they always have.

Not only that but they’re both a nice warmup for the upcoming third game in the series which is currently in development. Little is known about the sequel as of the time of writing but these two ports will definitely get you in the mood for more Bayonetta action.

Bayonetta 1 and 2 are due for release on February 16th.

Bayonetta 2 on switch


Fe has a few reasons for being an interesting release. Firstly, it looks rather lovely. Both the art style and gameplay are rather intriguing. It’s an action adventure game where you control a fox-like animal who can command other creatures to help him by calling out to them. With vibes of Ori and the Blind Forest mixed with Nordic folk-tales, this is definitely one to look out for.

The second reason it’s interesting is the fact it is being published by EA, a sign of potential commitment in the future, perhaps? Developed by Swedish studio, Zoink, this is the first game in EA’s Originals series and will simultaneously release on all platforms at the same time.

Fe is due for release on February 16th.

fe on switch

See Also

Payday 2

The final game in today’s list is Payday 2. First announced way back at the same unveiling of the Switch, it’s fair to say that Payday 2 has taken its time to find a release date. I feel Payday 2 is quite important for the fact that it’s a first-person shooter, which no matter how you may like to think otherwise, make the video game world go round still.

It’s a fairly old title but one well worth a look thanks to its cool premise: heists. You can either plan heists alone or with friends which is where it can really shine. What’s cooler than you and three friends cooperating to rob a bank successfully?  It could be one of the finest co-op games on the Switch so far.

Payday 2 is scheduled for release in Europe on February 23rd and in North America on February 27th.

pay day 2 on switch

As an addition here are some other interesting releases you may want to check out:

Disc Jam

The Longest Five Minutes

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus

In the comments below, be sure to let us know which games you’re excited for in February! Will you be picking up any of these five games?

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