If you were lucky enough to pickup a Nintendo Switch for Christmas you have likely been lost (like Brian!) in Xenoblade 2 or one of the epic Indie games out there but what are the Nintendo Switch Accessories you need in 2018? Look no further we have you covered!

1. Everywhere Messenger Bag for Nintendo Switch, $40

The winner of this spot came out of the blue. At Christmas Juan got given an everywhere Messenger Bag for his Nintendo Switch and we both instantly fell in love, its the kind of thing you don’t know you want until you have one. As we both travel a fair bit having something bigger to slip over your shoulder works well and the space inside is cleverly laid out, letting you take a pro controller and even has a smaller pouch for the Switch itself. at $39.99 USD its a higher price point but if you travel I would recommend it over and above a smaller case, otherwise the smaller Orzly will serve you well.

2. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: $90

A pair of Joy-Con controllers and a controller grip ship with the Nintendo Switch. This is an excellent and versatile system that allows you to play Switch like a traditional console as well as on the move or with a mate. However the Pro Controller is a far superior way to play in docked mode. The layout is much more ergonomic due to its larger frame and larger buttons in a traditional layout. The triggers are more responsive and with its 40 hour battery life this upgrade is going to be worth it if you plan to play extended sessions and the snazzy Splatoon 2 Edition suits the console well. That said a pair of addition Joy-Cons will allow you to play as a team of four – perfect for multiplayer games like Mario Kart or Hammerwatch for which a superior pad has less impact.

3. Sandisk Ultra 256GB microSDXC, $130

The Nintendo Switch comes with a respectable 32gb of memory that leaves about 26gb to use so you won’t need to upgrade day one however once you do it feels like the sort of thing you won’t want to change. With this in mind my favourite is the 256gb Sandisk – a high speed card from a solid manufacturer. If budgets a concern or you are not likely to cram your Switch full of games the their Nintendo Switch branded 64gb at $35 is a solid purchase.

4. Nintendo Switch AC Adapter: $30

Whilst the dock charges your Nintendo Switch you will likely want a portable source of power and the official Nintendo Switch AC Adaptor fits the bill when travelling or just to use at home in your bedroom or elsewhere – as a bonus its a fast charger and works on my Samsung mobile! A classic USB-A to USB-C adaptor will be a sensible alternative if you already have another device like a laptop or charger with a USB-A socket that you can use.

5. AmFilm tempered glass screen protector  twin pack, $7

For the price you can’t argue – they even give you two! I have had the AmFilm screen protector on mine since day one and the tempered glass is sturdy and doesn’t distract the eye when watching on the move. A simple and essential purchase and I can’t recommend any other option as highly.

These 5 Nintendo Switch accessories are all great and will get you well on your way – now the hard part comes into play – which games deserve your hard earned cash?