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Kickstarter for Once Upon a Coma breaks setted goal in just one day!


It is no news indeed that many games nowadays started in a Kickstarter campaign. However, if a game reaches that goal in just one day, that is news worth reporting about. Once Upon a Coma is such a game which Thomas Brush started a campaign for and was hoping to get his new project going. But it did outstand itself reaching $60,000 in just a single day!

The creator of Pinestripe had hoped to reach $28,000 by March 17th. If that goal would not be achieved by then, it would also be the end of the journey for Pete, the protagonist of Once Upon a Coma, before it had even begun. As this article was written, fans got $67,000 out of their pockets to see this game happen. The goal for a release on the Nintendo Switch was $60,000, so it has surpassed this objective as well. What a good turn of events!

Unfortunately, you cannot say the same about little Pete’s fate. The game begins with him waking up from a coma and seeing that the world had been overrun while he was in his unplanned slumber. Things just are not the same as they used to be as he goes out to explore to find his missing sister. Using a barber’s blade as a weapon against spiders and other creepy enemies, Pete joins his childhood friends and his pet bird (which resembles a certain, well-known fairy a lot…) on an adventure in this strange world. He quickly realises that the only chance of finding his sister lies in musical pieces she once created.

Thomas Brush, who also created a flash game named “Coma”, likes to take you on a journey to discover the truth. Once Upon a Coma includes ten levels that takes Pete down memory lane. Will you join him on this quest? What do you think about kickstarter games, and will you consider donating for Once Upon a Coma? Make sure to let us know.

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You can also get first impressions of the game in the trailer below:


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