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Clunky Hero Kickstarter – A Humorous Metroidvania

Nicola Piovesan and Chaosmonger Studio are developing a game called Clunky Hero that is at the end of its Kickstarter campaign, and it looks like it will be an amazing title with a wonderfully unique hero and a great sense of humor.

The game has a goal to be ported to the Nintendo Switch, so when we see a game we love and want to play on our favorite hybrid console, you better believe we are going to hype it up and get you excited about it.

What is Clunky Hero?

I am glad you asked. Clunky Hero is a story-driven metroidvania with a touch of RPG and a ton of humor. If you love a good platformer with a strong storyline and NPCs that you can interact with, then this is a game for you. There are tons of side quests, lots of items to find and buy, weapons and wearables that can be changed, and the backgrounds are all beautiful in a hand-drawn-looking way (Although I assume they aren’t).

The premise of the game also relies on its comical approach and humorous main character, so this is something that will both entertain in the gameplay sense and it will make you laugh.

The team behind the game says that they like to think of it as a blend between the gameplay of Hollow Knight with the humor and parodist elements of a card game like Munchkin. That is a bizarre combination, but if you take a look at the gameplay, you will get a better feel for what exactly they are describing.

How Can I Help?

Well, that’s a good question. Let me assist you.

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Since the game is on Kickstarter, your best bet is to head to their campaign page and back the game. There are a lot of support tiers, and the team behind the game is offering a lot of goodies for those interesting in backing beyond to get the game itself.

Clunky Hero is so close to reaching its goal and there’s not a whole lot of time left, so let’s help them to get over the edge and reach that first Stretch Goal which will bring this charming little game to our Switch consoles.

Thank you for stopping by for all of your Kickstarter news and Switch-related content. What do you think of this game? Will you be backing it alongside myself? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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