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Guts ‘N Goals Swings Onto Kickstarter

Guts ‘N Goals is a very cool-looking extreme sports game that has launched on Kickstarter, and a Switch version is on the table! You know me. When I see some fun and interesting Kickstarters, I love to spread the news and try to get some other people to back the projects. Well, let me tell you some more about this soccer game with baseball bats, Guts ‘N Glory!

What Exactly is Guts ‘N Glory?

Guts ‘N Goals allows players to beat their friends at a game of soccer, literally by mixing in beat ‘em up gameplay mechanics with soccer-style objectives resulting in a seriously fun way to play the world’s game.


Fans won’t have to wait to play the game, as a free demo is launching alongside the Kickstarter campaign on Steam. The free demo includes multiplayer and singleplayer modes with access to over 25 unique characters.

“I’ve always enjoyed soccer, but felt like something was missing”, says Manuel Bolaños, solo-developer of the game. “I feel like baseball bats are that missing element. With Guts ‘N Goals, we can enjoy Soccer how it should be played. With Bats.”


Backers will be able to grab a digital copy of the game on Nintendo Switch for €13 until early bird reward tiers end on July 31 at 9 PM EST. 

guts 'N goals

Guts ‘N Goals combines fast-paced, action-packed combat expected from the beat ’em up genre with addictive soccer-style gameplay in stadiums that each have unique mechanics that add an extra layer of fun to each match.



Players can enjoy a single player mode with over 25 characters that each have their own unique abilities to unlock and online multiplayer modes. It is being developed solely by Manuel Bolaños and is scheduled for release on the Nintendo Switch later this year.


  • There are no red flags in Guts ‘N Goals, so if KOing your opponent’s character factors into your strategy, then go for it! 
  • Each character has a unique ability that adds another layer of strategy to Guts ‘N Goals.
  • Each stadium has a unique way to play a game of soccer. Score a goal with a beach ball on the beach, and hit a hockey puck at the skating rink.
  • During each game, random mutators will change the way you play. Mutators can change everything from the ball you’re hitting to the entire game design in a matter of seconds.
  • Guts ‘N Goals can be played both online and offline, singleplayer, co-op, multiplayer, and local couch co-op.

This seems to be a super-fun romp! Who is ready to bring their bat to the soccer field?


Thank you for visiting for all of your Kickstarter news and updates. What do you guys think of this one? Are you interested in backing it? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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