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The Cork, A 2D Action-RPG, Needs You on Kickstarter

The Cork looks absolutely lovely. This is a 2D action-RPG by Parlor Interactive that has been on Kickstarter for a couple weeks now, but they have run in to a problem that many indie game developers face when they get to this point; MARKETING.

Marketing your freshly-made game sounds easy, but it is a necessary means to get to a desirable ends… and it is not easy. We here at love our indies, and when we see delightful-looking games that have a potential to entertain us on our favorite hybrid console, we get extra excited!


The Cork is set in a world that draws inspiration from classic Metroidvania platformers (with a heavy emphasis on -vania) and the deliberate, challenging combat of Souls-likes. You take on the role of Salem Cairnwright, who after several months abroad finds his home devastated by a mysterious plague, and its villagers are erratic and hostile.

The landscape beyond the village has changed, revealing an impossibly high wall towering above the forest. Gaining entry through a massive gate in the wall, you discover a kingdom built into the steep sides of an enormous crater. Descending into the crater to seek the source of the illness plaguing your village, you’ll uncover the history of the forgotten kingdom and the tragic story of its fall.

the cork

Features of The Cork

  • Beautifully animated pixel art that provides a sense of scale and breathes life into the kingdom beyond the wall.
  • A massive non-linear world to explore with new discoveries and challenges around every corner.
  • Fair and challenging combat that requires calculation as much as might.
  • Encounter allies along the way, accept side quests and be rewarded!
  • Upgrade your capabilities by equipping new weapons, armor and accessories.

Another really awesome fact about The Cork is that Parlor Interactive is just two individuals. Bradley Elliott is the developer, game designer, and pixel artist, and Leonard Phillips is in charge of the music and sound effects. Together, they have truly put together a game that looks amazing and something that would be a perfect addition to anyone’s Switch library!


Check out their Kickstarter campaign here and support The Cork. You can even get a digital copy for the Switch for as little as $10 if that is the tier you choose to back. There are only a couple days left to back the project, so let’s band together to help them succeed. Do yourself a favor and support an indie today!


Thank you always for coming to for all of your news, Kickstarter updates, and anything else Switch-related. We are huge fans of indies here, and we wish for nothing more than to see them all succeed so we can enjoy more of them. Happy gaming, everyone!

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