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Garlic is on Kickstarter – Praise the Goddess!

Garlic is a retro-style video game by Hugo Guerrini set in a crazy manga-like world. It is an ambitious project that he only started working on since earlier this year, and it already looks incredible! The game clearly takes some notes from other major indie platforming darlings like Super Meat Boy and Celeste, but Garlic does something of its own. Let’s check it out!

What is this Garlic?

Why does this always seem like the first question when we are talking about Kickstarter projects? Oh, right. It is because these are usually indie teams that need some help exposing their game and reaching larger audiences. Let me help!

Garlic is a platformer developed by Hugo Guerrini since early 2020. The mechanics are simple; you have a wall jump and a dash attack. Using these movements together allows you to perform wild tricks across a wide array of platforming challenges. The game is inspired by similar entries in the genre where there is risky yet rewarding gameplay… and loads of dying.

Most of the traps and enemies will instantly kill you, but don’t worry, you will respawn quickly!

The story involves our protagonist climbing the Sacred Tower to find the Goddess who will grant his wish. However, the Goddess accidentally encounters him before he reaches the summit, and he falls madly in love with her! Now Garlic has a new goal… winning the heart of this beautiful Goddess by wooing her in the most absurd ways.

The Sacred Tower is planned to be divided into 12 zones with each zone containing 10 to 15 levels. Each zone corresponds to a theme, each with special enemies, traps, and occasionally a palette change.

How Can I Support Garlic?

Great question! The game is currently on Kickstarter and is almost at its goal. However, the Switch port is part of the first Stretch Goal, so it is up to us to help promote and support this game so we can play it on out favorite hybrid console!

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This is a wonderful looking game, especially if you are a fan of retro-style platformers. Hugo Guerrini has been working his butt off to get this one ready for a Kickstarter launch, so please take a moment to check out what he has to offer. Also, the soundtrack will be done by David “Darvel” Revel, and the soundtrack demo on the Kickstarter page is dope. Please go and listen, and please go and support this game.

Thank you for coming to for all of your Kickstarter news and updates. What do you think of this one? Do you think you will lend it your support? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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