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News Roundup – Roller Champions & Luigi’s Mansion 3

The road to the next Nintendo Direct seems as barren as a ghost town for the News Roundup, but like Route 66, there are some stops along the way. My name is Chris, and here is the News Roundup for this week.


Ratalaika Games Brings A Slew of Visual Novels

In a Nintendo Direct-like format, indie publisher Ratalaika Games announced seven different visual novels that vary in tone and genre. First up was Long Live The Queen, a visual novel with royal decisions to be made; depending on your choices, your character could perish or become a powerful monarch. This is a port of the original 2014 game. They also shadowdropped Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet, a chibi hand drawn visual novel, onto the eShop. It’s available now! You can read about the other games they showcased in the video in H. Williams’ article.


Roller Champions is Coming to Switch

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Get your skates ready! A press release from Ubisoft out-of-nowhere mentioned that a Switch version of Roller Champions is being developed. For those unaware, it’s a free-to-play sports game, in a similar vein to Rocket League. You play as a bunch of different roller derby characters and try to score a point for your team by throwing the ball into the hoop. With the Switch having mediocre versions of EA Sports and 2K games, it’s nice to see Ubisoft throw their hat into the ring. Let’s hope it doesn’t meet the same fate as Steep!

The Wonderful 101 Remastered is Officially Funded with New Features

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The Wonderful 101 was officially crowdfunded with $2.2 million in total and has hit a set of different stretch goals as well. Luka’s First Mission will be released as a 2D side scroller, and Luka’s Second Mission will be DLC for The Wonderful 101 Remastered. A Time Attack mode will also be added. According to Siliconera, orchestral rearrangements of The Won-Stoppable Wonderful 100 and Tables Turn will be included in the game too, because Twitch donations pushed the amount raised to over $2.25 million.


Ultimate Chicken Horse Update Coming Next Week

Even more content is coming to this hilarious platforming party game on March 12th, 2020. A snake on a skateboard will be a new character, and you can play as him/her on two new levels: The Ballroom and Space. Four new blocks are on the way too: flamethrower, one-way gate, cannon, and beehive. Also, Switch owners can finally play with their friends on PS4 with cross-play!


Ibb & Obb

A cute co-op 2D platformer called Ibb & Obb released on the Switch this past week. The puzzles in the game revolve around gravity, and Ibb & Obb go up and down, depending on the level. It has 15 levels in total, and for clever clogs who play the game, there are eight secret levels too!


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

Seemingly to not much fanfare, with a 70% OpenCritic score, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX released this week. In this dungeon crawler, you explore the world as a human in a Pokemon body and find others around the world to recruit for your quest. It’s a unique twist for the Pokemon series, and with a fresh coat of paint, this might be worth picking up some time.


Who would have thought this five years ago? You can now take a trip to hell on the Nintendo Switch. Crazy. Afterparty is the latest release from the developers of Oxenfree, Night School Studio. You play as two teenagers, Milo and Lila, who find themselves in hell after a series of events and have to find a way to outdrink Satan himself in order to get back to Earth. Nintendo has surely changed (and for the better!). Like Oxenfree, there is a conversation system, and you can change the story and the relationship between Milo and Lila with your decisions.


Murder by Numbers

The puzzle and adventure genre made a baby, and it’s Murder by Numbers! It combines pixel puzzles like Picross and clue hunting like Phoenix Wright. And the talent behind it is pretty awesome! Fable Fortune and Gears Pop! dev Mediatonic teamed up with the Hatoful Boyfriend creator Hato Moa for the game’s 90s art style and the fittingly chosen composer of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Masakazu Sugimori, for its music.


Luigi’s Mansion 3 Scarescraper & ScreamPark DLC Pack

There are now more costumes to dress Luigi as in this new Luigi’s Mansion 3 DLC. He can boogie on down with the Groovigi outfit, and he can wear the spooky Mummigi and Green Knight costumes. There is a new floor based on each costume, and the DLC has some additional modes: Tricky Ghost Brawl, Dodge Brawl, and River Bank in the ScreamPark.


In Case You Missed It

We had a couple of reviews come out this week, including Creature in the Well, Underhero, and Langrisser I + II. I also discussed the spinoffs I’d love to see in the Pokemon series, and why I love Pokemon Sword & Shield.

And that is your News Roundup!


Thank you always for visiting! We hope this News Roundup was helpful and insightful. Let us know in the comments below what excited you, and we will see you next week.

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