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Pokemon Presents – Everything We Learned

Nintendo and the Pokemon Company released a wonderful little Pokemon Presents video similar to that of a Nintendo Direct, and it was chock full of surprises and goodies, from news about Sword and Shield and Pokemon GO to new games coming. You can check out the Pokemon Presents video below, or you can keep scrolling down to read all of the announcements.

Pokemon Smile

pokemon presents

This is a new mobile app for kids to help with brushing teeth. It helps to turn tooth brushing time into a fun time, and it lets you catch Pokemon in the game if you brush well. It basically turns healthy habits into a fun little game, and as a father of two young children, this is a great little idea! This is a free app available for Android and iOS devices.

Pokemon Cafe Mix

pokemon cafe mix

You are the owner of a cafe that Pokemon visit, and you solve puzzles for them in order to deliver their drinks. Since all of your customers are Pokemon, they can become staff members and assist you in the cafe and gameplay. As you progress, you will be able to upgrade and improve your cafe to attract even more Pokemon. Pokemon Cafe Mix will be available soon as a free-to-play game for Nintendo devices and mobile devices.

New Pokemon Snap

pokemon snap

OH. MY. GODDESS! It has finally been announced! New Pokemon Snap is actually coming to the Nintendo Switch. There are not a whole of details yet, but the team is working hard to make this an amazing experience on our favorite hybrid console. Stay tuned for more details about New Pokemon Snap!

Pokemon GO News

pokemon presents

Recently, Niantic has helped to make Pokemon GO much more accessible during the pandemic, offering things such as Remote Raid Passes, receiving Bonus Research tasks daily without spinning PokeStops, and we can carry more gifts than ever before!

Niantic announced recently that the Pokemon GO Fest events will be completely digital this year and made accessible to players around the world. A certain Pokemon will be part of the event too… and it is none other than Victini!

Also, Mega Evolutions are coming to Pokemon GO! The team is working hard to implement this into the Pokemon GO universe, so stay tuned for more details about this major addition and update. Mega Evolutions are projected to launch in 2020.

The Isle of Armor Launches Today

pokemon presents

This is the first of two major DLC planned for Pokemon Sword and Shield, and it is going to be offering a whole lot more to the Galarian world. To celebrate the launch, The Pokemon Company has a few things planned.

Zeraora will be in Max Raid Battles starting today. If one million trainers around the world can defeat Zeraora, then they will be able to receive a shiny Zeraora for free as a present. Let’s get to raiding then, shall we?

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Galarian Farfetch’d in Pokemon GO

One more Pokemon GO-related news, and it is that the Galarian form of Farfetch’d is now available in the game, meaning that the originally exclusive Japanese Pokemon is available worldwide in its Galarian goodness. Hopefully down the line, we will be able to evolve it to Sirfetch’d.

You will also be able to dress your avatar in new Galarian clothing modeled after The Isle of Armor DLC. Hope you enjoy!

More News on June 24

Tsunekazu Ishihara also ended the Pokemon Presents with an announcement that another Pokemon Presents will be happening soon with more information about games and news. Keep an eye here for that!

Thank you for checking out for all of your Pokemon-related news. This was a great series of announcements and details and has gotten me quite excited for Pokemon in 2020. How about you guys? What did you think of this presentation? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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