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6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week

It’s about time to “Spring Forward” as we take a look at this week’s upcoming games. Will there be some games that will make us “fall back” in surprise? Let’s take a look at 6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week!

Langrisser I & II – Tuesday, March 10th

Play as Ledin in Langrisser I and Elwin in Langrisser II in war torn lands. Obtain the Sacred Sword Langrisser as you engage in turn-based tactical battles. What path will you choose in this multiple storyline game? Check out our review here to find out more!


£49.99 $49.99 €49.99

A Street Cat’s Tale – Thursday, March 12th

Take care of a hungry, defenseless, homeless kitty cat in a world where this poor kitten has lost its mittens – I mean, mother! The kitten is always hungry. You must explore the town to search for food to keep its hunger at bay. Befriend people to convince them to help feed you, and perhaps you’ll be able to assist them in some way as well. There are different endings depending on how you play. Will you save this poor kitten, or will you doom it to starvation? (Have I guilted you enough yet?) Check out this game with adorable graphics when it comes out this week.


£6.59 $7.99 €7.29

Half Past Fate – Thursday, March 12th

Billed as a rom-com adventure, this game with a 3D art style will have you follow the stories of six people that found each other. Travel through time as you view the way these people came together over a period of eight years. Engage in relatable stories about life, love, and fate, and perhaps partake in some spicy ramen in the process. This looks pretty good, so I’m excited to see what fate awaits the characters and me as the story progresses!


£17.99 $24.99 €19.99

Brotherhood United – Thursday, March 12th

One of your friends has been captured! They have interfered with the brotherhood and must pay for their crimes. Blast through enemies in this run-and-gun game throughout twenty levels containing three sub-quests each. With five customization options containing more than four items each, every playthrough is sure to be different. Engage in local co-op with awesome weapons like grenades, and battle eight bosses as you listen to a fantastic soundtrack. Will you be able to keep the brotherhood united? Find out this Thursday!


£7.49 $8.99 €8.29

Mystic Vale – Thursday, March 12th

Combine cards to create powerful combinations in this deck-building game. Use the innovative Card Crafting system to create better cards in order to create a diverse and effective deck! Each turn allows you to purchase upgrades on existing cards, allowing you to strengthen them as the game proceeds. You can practice against AI opponents before going online and putting your skills to the test. Play against friends or against random players. How will your deck stack up? 

£16.99 $21.99 €18.89


mystic vale 6 switch games

inbento – Thursday, March 12th

Enter a world of cats and parenthood, solving cute puzzles to prepare bento dishes. Use the given recipes to arrange lunchboxes and complete over 100 puzzles in this silent tale about an adorable family of kitties. Beat bonus stages and purr-fect your puzzle solving skills! Will you… rice… to the occasion and solve the puzzles, or will you be left in the litter dust?

£4.49 $4.99 €4.99

inbento 6 switch games

What will you be checking out this week? Half Past Fate looks pretty good to me! So does A Street Cat’s Tale! Meow! Hope you have a great week! Let us know in the comments what you’re interested in!

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