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Pokemon Spinoffs That Would Be Amazing on Switch

We’ve been able to catch ’em all (or so to speak) on the Switch twice now, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX has released this week, but these Pokemon spinoffs below could make more of a splash on the system than a remake of a GBA game.

Pokemon Warriors in the Kingdom of Galar

With the surprisingly good-looking Persona 5 Scramble on the way, Tecmo Koei could bring that tried and tested Musou/Warriors formula to the Pokemon universe. It’s already worked with The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem, but Pokemon could be quite unique. Set in a similar universe as Pokemon Conquest (also developed by Tecmo Koei), you could train up your team by fighting in wars against different kingdoms.


With many soldiers in your way, an armored Charizard would Fire Blast and Scratch through its enemies, or Pikachu would send shockwaves throughout the battlefield with a special attack. Just an idea! Perhaps, you could catch Pokemon in the wild too. This could take place in the Kingdom of Galar when the first Darkest Day arrives as you assume the role of either of the two heroes who defeated Eternatus 3000 years before the events of Sword & Shield.

Pokemon Action RPG

The mainline Pokemon games have always been turn-based games and the Mystery Dungeon series is a dungeon crawler, but what if Pokemon became an Action RPG with a new spinoff? Imagine a game from the Ni No Kuni developer Level-5 in a bigger open world with a pretty anime-like art style. Taking inspiration from that series of games, the player could take control of both the trainer and the Pokemon.


The trainer would issue commands, and then the Pokemon has to be controlled by you to avoid attacks in real time and input the attack properly. I think this would be a fantastic way to evolve the series further, or it could be an amazing spinoff. I would see the world being more of a fantasy setting than the modern cities of the mainline games.

Pokemon Snap 2

It seems so obvious now, but after the 3DS and Wii U eras have come to pass (And they were tailor-made for a camera-like experience!), we still haven’t received a sequel to the well-renowned Nintendo 64 classic. Using the gyroscope and HD Rumble of the Nintendo Switch makes so much sense for the camera elements of the game, and now with higher definition graphics, you can make the worlds loom more alive.

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The touch screen in portable mode could even be used to throw items into the landscape. I’d even be open for the original Pokemon Snap to have a AAA remaster/remake like Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. It’s a spinoff series that really should be looked at again.


So what Pokemon spinoffs would you like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments below! Thank you kindly for visiting, and we will see you next time.

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