Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is releasing on the Nintendo Switch next week on May 24th, but ahead of the release Inti Creates has updated the games webpage. Under the characters section, new info has been added to the basic bio, letting us in on new details about each characters sub-weapons and special abilities. For those who haven’t seen the website yet, it is worth checking out.

This news shows how much variety each character has, which is exciting to see. The already beautiful Castlevania 3 style look to the game had fans intrigued, but after seeing what these special abilities and sub-weapons are, I believe Castlevania fans will be even more giddy for that May 24th release date. Here are some screenshots from the website detailing some of the info added:

Bloodstained 1

Bloodstained 2

Bloodstained 3

Bloodstained 4