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PS1 “Anti-RPG”, Moon, getting English Release on Switch

Moon, a 1997 Playstation title, will be getting its first English release on August 27th. The game is a cult classic with an interesting history behind it, which makes its first western release all that much more important.

Moon Switch Trailer

Created by studio Love-de-Lic, a studio composed of former Square developers who worked on titles like Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG, Moon is called an “Anti-RPG” by its designer, Yoshiro Kimura. The game was a parody on modern RPGs with there being no combat present in the game, and the player instead collecting monster souls that have died to acquire love. It was also one of the first instances of NPCs changing their behaviour and becoming more dynamic, the game changing their location and dialogue options depending on the time of day, an uncommon feature at that time.


The game also had no combat to speak of, being an RPG where you didn’t kill. Sound familiar? That’s because Moon was also cited as an inspirational source by Undertale creator Toby Fox, as it was one of the first instances of a game like it making the player question the normalized RPG system and its implications.

Moon definitely left an impression on the game industry when it was first released so it’s nice that English audiences are getting a chance to experience one of the earliest examples of clever and unconventional game design.

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Moon will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch eShop on August 27th for $18.99.


Thank you for visiting for all of your Switch news and needs. What do you guys think of Moon? Are you going to give it a shot when it comes out? Are you interested to see one of the inspirations for video game parodies like Undertale? Let me know down below!

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