My Big Sister Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Stranga Games

Publisher: Ratalaika Games

Download Size: 218MB

Release Date: 10/05/2019

Price as of Article: $5.99 USD, £5.99 GBP

Game code provided by Ratalaika Games



Assume the role of a brave, sarcastic 12-year-old named Luzia. Awaking from a nightmare Luzia goes down to get a drink to get her back to sleep. She meets her sister, who tells her to go to bed as they hear a ‘car’ in the drive.

After a short while, there are some muffled noises and then silence. Once again downstairs, Luzia is met with a blood bath. Following the blood outside, she finds Sombra beaten in the back of a van. The door slams shut, and the story begins.

Following Luzia as she tries to get home with Sombra, you learn more about the sisters’ past and follow their journey to reconnect. Will the right decision be made?

The story had me hooked from start to finish — there were some genuinely unnerving parts to the narrative.


My Big Sister is a horror game that does not rely on jump scares. Also, Luzia is a great wee character.

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What Is My Big Sister

My Big Sister is an adventure horror game, with the story cut up into smaller areas. Doing this makes the game’s flow and pacing work wonderfully with the narrative, as there is no backtracking out of the area. The puzzles relate to what is happening in that current chapter.

Between each chapter there is a short narration of what is happening or has happened, followed by a talking section. These sections are mainly between Luzia and Sombra. They show the ever changing relationship and the struggles they both face. Along with more information on the situation, they are currently in (it’s a great story so I won’t spoil it).

While travelling to get home, Luzia and Sombra will meet some weird and wonderful characters. Some of the characters are great, while some are a little bit off. It is Luzia who steals the show, some of the things she gets away with are just great, not always helpful but she won’t ever give up on her sister.

The Flow

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As stated the game is split up into a number of small chunks in a self-contained area of the narrative. This means that the story and gameplay does not get dragged out. This is a welcome change to these adventure type games where the player needs to backtrack the whole way to the other side of the map to get a key.

The segments are long enough that the player will not be bored, but long enough to fit in the story and it all works. This is a hard balance to get right, and they have nailed it.

The game does not automatically save, Luzia will need to find a save point. They can’t be missed, as they are red floating shrines with SP on it. Use them as there are some unexpected ways to die.


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Most of the puzzles are straight forward and take little to no effort, this is not a bad thing as this keeps the game moving along nicely. Some of the puzzles end up being a bit annoying, it is basically walking around the level and wait for the ! to appear, then hope it is the right thing. Oh, and pay attention to the story, there is a very important detail.

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In terms of audio, My Big Sister delivers, the soundtrack is terrific added to the overall horror vibe. The music hits in the right places at the right moment to make a seemingly ordinary interaction tense and unsettling.

The sound effects are used for objects that are useable, for instance, going through a door will make a door closing noise, opening a vent, and so on.

The audio is excellent, I love the music within the game.

Visuals & Performance

My Big Sister is yet again another Pixel Art Game. At this present time, I can not get enough of the art style. So many different takes on the form I am impressed how much each game can differentiate from the rest. If you are fed up of Pixel Art, I am sorry.

The camera is set in an isometric view of each of the levels, each being diverse and rich in detail, and each as creepy as the last. There are views of dead people, strange legless women, and other scary looking things. 

Visually the world that has been built is fantastic and unsettling.

The performance is excellent, nothing at all wrong. Quick load times, no slow down, it was perfect. I preferred to play this in handheld mode; the tension was felt so much more with the game up close.


My Big Sister is a must buy at $5.99, £5.99, for anyone who likes horror games or even puzzle games. At this price, it is a complete and utter bargain.



Story is great


Luzia and Sombria are great charaters


Its creepy


Some interesting puzzles



Some puzzles are solved by walking about waiting for the ! to show