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Grandia I & II + A Hat in Time coming to Nintendo Switch, Bloodstained gets delayed!

Okay, I have two good news, and two bad ones… which do you want to hear first?

The good news is, that not one, but TWO classic J-RPGs are making their mark on the Switch sometime in the future, namely Game Arts’ Grandia and Grandia II, originally released for the PS1 and PS2. Release dates are currently unknown, but we know they are coming, and knowing is half the battle.

Grandia Screenshot

Also, A Hat in Time, which for the longest time has been a Steam and PS4 exclusive, will finally be getting a Switch release. No release date is yet known about this indie gem either, but with it Switch owners can soon be looking forward to another great 3D platformer on their favorite hybrid console, in the spirit of old school classics like Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie, which the market generally has seen a huge lack of lately.

A Hat in Time Logo

Now for the bad ones… first of all, the long awaited spiritual successor to Castlevania, Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained, is going to be delayed to 2019. According to the folks at GameXplain, he says they have taken player feedback from the demo very seriously, and finds the delay necessary to make improvements that will ultimately make it the game we all deserve.

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Now, I am disappointed too, but remember the words of the great Shigeru Miyamoto: ”A delayed game is eventually good, while a bad game is bad forever”.
Secondly, and this one may be a bit harder to swallow for some of you, but Igarashi’s team have has also decided to pull the plug on the PS Vita port of the game, due to word that Sony is going to discontinue the platform, all physical releases, and stop online services. This is indeed a sad and disappointing turn of events, but in turn, Team Bloodstained has promised that backers who opted for the Vita version, will be able to either choose another platform, or get their money back.

…hey, if nothing else, if you really really want the game portably, this is as good a reason as any to get a Switch, am I right?

Bloodstained Logo

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