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Update On Octopath Traveler: Meet Ophilia And Cyrus
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New characters for the upcoming battle revealed: Ophilia and Cyrus.

Octopath Traveler is around the corner with its release on July, 13th, and with a little more teasing for the fans, another trailer has been revealed to introduce two more characters of the total eight: Ophilia, a priestess and Cryus, a scholar.

Alongside with the two playable characters, you also find out a little bit more about the Party Formation and Talents. Cyrus’ field command is “探る“, which means “to investigate” or “to fumble for”. According to the text shown in the trailer, I assume that he can get information and locations step by step while talking to other NPCs in the world of Octopath Traveler. In battle, it seems that Cyrus takes more of a supportive role but also not being shy to approach enemies as well with strong attacks.


Ophilia has the ability to guide someone (“導く” means “to lead”, “to guide”). Seeing some children following her, it seems pretty obvious as well. With similar actions as Primrose (as she can lure people into battle), the priestess also seems to make someone take part in battle. This gives the player the opportunity of having up to six people face an evil-doer.

You can finally set out on your own journey with Ophilia, Cyrus, Tressa, Olberic, Primrose, Alfin, Therion and H‘aanit this summer. And if you haven’t already noticed it, the first letter of the eight characters’ names form part of the title: Octopath. This RPG seems to have so many branches, and I am eager to finally play it!

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Do you already have a favourite character? Are you also excited to finally play Octopath Traveler since so many promotions had been made for it? Tell us in the comments below after you had watched the newest Japanese trailer:



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