Re:Legend Image 2

All aboard the simulation/RPG-train! Re:Legend, a Kickstarter campaign from Malaysia will enrich that category on Nintendo’s newest console. A release date is still unconfirmed, but it sure looks great in the trailer with its Ever Oasis and Monster Hunter Stories vibe!

While investigating further, Re:Legend seems to be a fusion between above-stated video games as well as Stardew Valley, Story of Seasons and all of those farming games, as well as Harvest Moon itself and maybe a pinch of Dragon Quest Builders. So to no surprise, this game was the best Kickstarter campaign in Southasia. In this game, you can farm, befriend villagers as well as magical monsters called ‘Magnus’ and re-built a world called ‘Ethia’. Even multiplayer is possible.

Will this be a game for you that will fill the void Rune Factory left behind? See for yourself in the trailer: