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Try Turning Up The Aiming Speed In Splatoon 2

One thing players may have noticed in Splatoon 2 is that the camera and motion controls move rather slowly compared with other shooters.  Well, firstly, Splatoon 2 is not like other shooters.  But secondly, this is likely to help players be more accurate with the gyro aiming.  The base speed works fine, but if you want to take your play to the next level, I would suggest removing those shackles.

I have a friend who is a very skilled Battlefield player.  He absolutely loves those kinds of first person shooters, and he is always looking for a way to play better.  One day, the captain of his online team told the guys, “Today, we are going go do a training exercise.  Turn your camera speed all the way to the max, and we are going to play that way all day.”  Everyone on the team thought he was nuts, but they did it anyway.  Now, he just can’t go back to having the slower camera speeds.  He described a time where somebody came up behind him and got one shot off with their rifle before he spun around at top speeds and was able to take them down before they could even react.  The guy was even trying to call him out for cheating since he couldn’t even comprehend that somebody would be playing the game with the camera set to ridiculously high levels like that.


I figured that if it worked for him there, then I might as well try it on Splatoon 2.  I’m not a great Splatoon player and am an even worse player of traditional shooters.  The only reason I can even operate better than a vegetable on Splatoon 2 is thanks to the gyro aiming.  (That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point.)  I didn’t want to throw myself into the ocean of top speeds, so I have been slowly working my way up to it over the course of the last month.  The results have been magnificent.


Splatoon 2 match result screen
This 29-kill run was probably my best performance so far.

Before I started this fast camera tactic, I was doing great if I was able to even get 3 or 4 kills in a single match.  Now, I am pushing mid to upper 20s on a good run.  It is all thanks to how I can now react much faster than other players.  I started training by putting the Motion Control Sensitivity to 0.5 and the R stick Sensitivity to 2.  I have currently moved up to 2.5 for the motion control and 4 for the R stick sensitivity.  It has taken a lot of practice to keep from overshooting my targets, but I have now gotten to the point where I can fairly accurately aim.  What I have found is that while other people are slowly turning to try and target me, I can just swim around them, spin my camera really quickly and take then down before they have an opportunity to do anything.  It doesn’t always go down like that, but it has certainly helped me in a lot of situations and has opened up many strategies for me that simply are not possible with a slower camera.

If you already play Splatoon 2 a lot and are comfortable with the basic camera speed, that is fine.  However, if you are like me and found that you need something to give you a bit of an extra edge over your opponents, then give this a try.  Even if you already play well, turning the speed up like this may help you to play even better.  It takes a while to master, and you will initially play a lot worse until you finally get used to the new control speeds.  Once you finally do though, it feels like you have removed a great ball and chain from your ankles that was doing nothing more than slowing you down.  For reference, here is an image showing the camera speed I have it set to.

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Splatoon 2
The default speed is -1 in both motion control and R stick sensitivity, so my settings are quite a lot higher.



Below I have included several short videos demonstrating the faster speeds.  These were captured using my Switch’s built-in video recorder, so the image quality isn’t great.  It’ll give you the idea though.  Among them are two videos illustrating the difference in speeds between mine and the default settings.

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