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Update For The Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion: New Song And Character!

Recently, I had written about new details for the Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2. Nintendo has now confirmed new information that might give some little plot hints away with it. Along with a new song, a DJ also was introduced with it.

Dedf1sh is a DJ from the Splatoon universe. With a promising future ahead of this (assuming from the picture in the following tweet) girl is burning with a passion of music. Dedf1sh was pursuing the idea of ideal music, as the tweet of Nintendo Japan states. The DJ wandered in the depths of an underground experimental facility before she (or he) unfortunately became “disinfected”. Ignoring the facts of this sad turn of events, Dedf1sh still continues to make music which can be heard through the whole facility.

This is a rather dark turn of the story for Splatoon 2, don’t you agree? What does this mysterious “infection” mean? In my opinion, this could play a major role in the game. It certainly would explain the recent creatures with a rougher look than we are used to.

Here is the tweet with an vague image of the new character, Dedf1sh the DJ:

And here you can listen to the recent revealed tune. What are your opinions for the new Splatoon 2 expansion pack? Would you be happy about a less squirky plot?


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