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Best Bargains – 2020 Deals Have Begun

It is the New Year and there are some Best Bargains to take advantage of. James, Juan, and Jordan at SwitchWatchTV are bringing us the goods again! Check out the video below or read the transcript and see the prices/links below.

Hello and happy new year everyone! It’s Sunday – that time of the week when we scour the eShop to find you the best games on sale worth picking up – be sure to subscribe and hit that bell notification so you don’t miss an episode and remember – each weeek we give away a $10 eShop voucher so you’ll want to stick around – all you have to do is pop a comment down below with your pick of the week and we will pick a winner next Sunday. A massive thank you to Jordan who stepped up last week and uncovered some brilliant bargains – anyways let’s jump in and take a look!

Octopath Traveler – Jame’s Pick

Kicking things off with my pick of the week it’s Octopath Traveler. This new JRPG is a wonder to play. Featuring 8 different characters with their own tales and unique play style that are woven together. This 2D turn-based title sports lovely HD sprite work and a 3D world to explore. Its deep strategic gameplay is the star of the show, and with 40% off, you will definitely get your money’s worth as you can easily sink well over 50 hours into this one. There’s even a demo so you can give it a try before committing to a purchase.

US No Sale
UK £29.99 -40%
EU €35,99 -40%

Juan, Jordan what are your picks this week?

Riptide GP Renegade – Juan’s Pick

best bargains

My pick is Riptide GP Renegade. It is reduced by 70% in all regions, bringing it down to 2.99 no matter the currency. And the reason I picked this is because I love racing games and multiply that by 10 when you are on water. You are a hydro jet rider here and competing in the Riptide GP league. You are forced to race illegally throughout various areas, which explains the beautiful environments.

There is a deep career mode, and if you are in to online you can play with friends. Although, it is a shame that there isn’t a strong online presence on this game right now. But it is save by that splitscreen multiplayer, so it you have some friends around, you can play locally. There are loads of vehicles, and I love everything about it. For 2.99, it’s an absolute bargain and should be added to your collection if you haven’t already.

US $2.99 -70%
UK £2.99 -70%
EU €2,99 -70%

Dragon Quest XI S – Jordan’s Pick

Jordan here, and I am back this week in my rightful place as just a pick of the week. This week I have to go for a game I don’t actually own but really want to. Dragon Quest XI S echoes of an elusive age. At currently 33% off in the UK and Europe, this JRPG classic is down to 33.29/33.99. Sadly there is no sale in the US, but now might be the time to make an EU account to take advantage of the deal. Sure, physically you might be able to find it for a smaller price, but I’m sure this is worth every penny.

I lost myself in the massive demo, and I really want to own this one. But with 50 hours for the story and 30 hours for the extra stuff, I just don’t have the time and it makes me want to cry. Many people say this is the pinnacle of the series, although I’m sure there is debate on that. Hopefully one day I can buy this for myself and find out.

US No Sale
UK £33.29 -33%
EU €39.99 -33%

Great choices guys, but of course there are plenty more great deals to be had.

911 Operator

Next up its 911 Operator. In this game, it’s a cross between a strategic game and a management sim. You need to manage resources and respond to emergencies as they come up. It’s surprisingly fun and though it will become repetitive after a while, at 95% off, this is just a great bargain!

US $0.99 -95%
UK £0.89 -95%
EU €0,99 -95%

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has to be one of the most purchased titles when someone picks up a switch and for good reason! It shows off the Joycons and let’s you play with friends without having loads of controllers. It is enjoyable whether you have never played it before or are a veteran to the series. This is pure, unfiltered fun, and if you don’t already own it then I strongly recommend this one with 33% off. It’s the ultimate party title.

US No Sale
UK £33.29 -33%
EU €39,99 -33%

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is another great Nintendo title. In classic Nintendo fashion, it’s a shooter that involves no violence and is enjoyable by all of the family! The aim varies but always involves splatting paint all over the place, and it’s not just fun in a casual fashion, it can be thoroughly enjoyed in a more competitive way. Especially with a healthy online scene.

US No Sale
UK £33.29 -33%
EU €39,99 -33%


Fe is an action adventure platformer that features a wonderful world that connects you the player to nature. It’s all about exploring this gorgeous world, and the game purposely doesn’t hold your hand, encouraging you to learn and discover the game and its mechanics at your own pace. You’ll have to be quick with this one as the sale ends on Tuesday (January 7th). At 75% off, this is a nice title to add to your collection.

US No Sale
UK £4.49 -75%
EU €4,99 -75%

Fitness Boxing

If you’re after a fun way to exercise, then Fitness Boxing is worth considering. It’s ultimately a daily workout routine that adds rhythm based gameplay to keep things fun. It will achieve its job of making you sweat, and the fact that you just need Joycons and no additional accessories is a bonus. As a game, it’s not great, but as an exercise tool, it’s a solid experience.

US No Sale
UK £27.99 -30%
EU €34,99 -30%

Yoshi’s Crafted World

Yoshi’s Crafted World is a charming platformer where you play as Yoshi through a papercraft world. It has some lovely stage settings and lots of collectibles to go out and find. This isn’t the most challenging platformer. It’s 40 odd levels are enjoyable but you won’t find this too hard to complete. If you are after a more laid back adventure, then this might be for you.

US No Sale
UK £33.29 -33%
EU €39,99 -33%


Earthworms is a point and click adventure game with elements of horror. You play as a detective trying to get to the bottom of the mysterious giant worms that have suddenly appeared. The hand drawn visuals are nice, and with 3 different endings, there’s some amount of replayability. It’s not the best in the genre, but it’s worth a play, especially with such outrageous discounts on offer.

US $0.49 -95%
UK £0.89 -88%
EU €0,99 -88%

Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party is the first in the series on the Nintendo Switch and a fair bit has been changed over previous titles. Yes, it’s still a collection of silly mini games, but there are lots of new modes on offer. A lot of the modes use the motions controls of the Joycons well, and if you get a group of mates together you are sure to have a blast! There are a huge number of different games to play, some of them are fantastic while others are not as good. Overall though, a solid party pick up.

See Also
Evercade Logo

US No Sale
UK £33.29 -33%
EU €39,99 -33%


Abyss is an old title that was ported over to the switch. It’s a classic minimalist game that leaves you to figure out it’s mechanics, and it’s a challenge! It’s a short affair, but it has excellent controls and is perfect with headphones on the move. With its heavy discount, it’s the kind of game you can enjoy for a few hours and then move on.

US $0.98 -66%
UK £0.88 -66%
EU €0,98 -66%

X-Morph: Defense

best bargains

If you love shooters and tower defense and you always wanted to be the bad guy or, at least, an alien race bent on the destruction of Earth, then why not sign-up! X-Morph: Defense does a great job of merging these genres together and is a fun strategy game. And the added extra of recreating a scene from the Independence Day movie is the cherry on this already content-filled cake.

US No Sale
UK £7.19 -60%
EU €7,99 -60%

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces is a brilliant arcade tennis game. It does justice to the Mario sports brand and matches are fast paced mayhem. There’s a lengthy campaign to play as well, but its not the deepest. This isn’t an RPG sports sim like Golf Story. Instead, it’s a fun arcade game with some lite-RPG elements such as leveling and collecting items.

US No Sale
UK £33.29 -33%
EU €39,99 -33%


Typoman is a very clever platformer that looks and in some ways feels like limbo or other similar indie titles. Its unique point is that it uses letters very literally. Puzzles involve moving letters around to spell words in order to progress. This is not just about spelling words though, as you interact with the letters physically in the game, manipulating them in order to solve puzzles. It’s refreshing and creative. At times, it’s a little bit clunky. But 60% off makes this a bargain!

US $6.49 -50%
UK £3.99 -60%
EU €5,19 -60%

Castlevania Anniversary Collection

The Castlevania Anniversary Collection combines the old school classic titles from the 8 bit and 16 bit eras. There are 8 titles to be enjoyed including the spin-off Kid Dracula that never made it to the west. Out of the 8 titles you get to play some that have aged superbly and are still a blast to play while others are less enjoyable. Overall though, this a wonderful collection, and with 50% off its a trip down memory lane into one of the most influential game series every produced.

US No Sale
UK £7.99 -50%
EU €9,99 -50%

There Are Your Best Bargains

And there you have it folks. There are some brilliant games on offer this week. What is your favorite pick? Let us know in the video’s comments, and next Sunday we will pick someone to win a $10 eShop voucher! I hope you have enjoyed this video and script, I recommend checking out our second part of the top indie games on the switch. There are some brilliant games in there! And of course, Jordan’s weekly physical release roundup will be out tomorrow. Be sure to check it out!

Thank you for stopping by, and happy gaming, everyone!

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