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Competitive Online Games – Top 20 for Nintendo Switch

Juan, James, and Jordan over at SwitchWatchTV have put together an awesome list of the best competitive online games available on the Nintendo Switch. You would not think it, but the Switch is quite the console for competitive online games. You may be familiar with some, but the more you are aware of, the more amazing the console turns out. Take a look at their video below, or you can read the list here on

Is there anything better than scoring the winning goal, getting your car over the finish line first, hitting the winning shot, smashing your opponent with that winning special move, or helping your team achieve greatness whether that’s banter against your friends or competitive ranked matches? There is no better feeling than winning, or is it just taking part that counts? Either way, we have 20 of the best competitive online games that you can play right now on the Nintendo Switch. Lets start with our Star Picks!


Splatoon 2*

Let’s start with the teams picks and there is only 1 that I can pick which I have found over the last few years to be one of my go-to games when I feel like a bit of multiplayer competitive team fun, and that’s Splatoon 2. Is there anything better than teaming up with 3 others and taking on another team in the battle to paint as much of the turf before the other team does using a variety of fun paint brushes, rollers, and weapons? I cannot think of a game that evokes as much fun as this, and it is my pick because it brings a smile to my face every time we win or makes me want to throw my controller at the screen every time we lose. Either way, it evokes emotions.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate*

Super Smash Bros Ultimate lives up to its name. It’s the pinnacle of one of Nintendo’s most beloved outputs as their franchises duke it out in this platform brawler. Everyone is here in the most balanced entry in the series yet. Whether you’re a hardcore competitor or a casual fan such as myself, there’s a lot to get out of this one. I’ve honestly lost count at how many characters there are, and there are still more on the way. There’s so much variety in fighting styles, so many options, and so many stages that it might actually be quite daunting going into this and gulping at all the choices. But you’ll quickly fall in love with this and the atypical fighting mechanics. Anyone can pick up and play, but there’s also a lot of mastery and competitiveness to be had online. This is an essential purchase, and there’s a reason it’s currently the second best selling game on the Switch.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe*

If there’s one game that even non-gamers enjoy playing, it has to be Mario Kart! Sporting dozens of tracks, lots of unlocks, and various modes to play, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the finest Mario Kart game to date, in my opinion. It’s a blast in local co-op, and it’s equally enjoyable online whether you are pitting yourself against strangers or your friends and family. There’s nothing worse than seeing that finish line in sight only to be hit by a dreaded blue shell and ending up 3rd or 4th… but on the flip side, there’s nothing better! The ability to team up competitively in races or in battles is great, and the fact that youngsters can get in on the fun with some handy auto features means that everyone can get in on the frustrating and brilliant action!

So it seems that the picks here were Nintendo games, but fear not! There are plenty of others which are enjoyable to play online.



Oh, yes. Fortnite, the game which has taken the world by storm. The game which has made mere mortals into superstars on YouTube, and the game which has made many other Battle Royales jealous of the success this has with its robust player base which seems to grow as the game spans all consoles, PC, and even mobile platforms. What could be more fun than the player which is left standing out of 100 who begin to parachute onto an island and are then left to scramble for weapons, armor, and can build defenses at the click of a button. It has everything you would want in an competitive online game. Just make sure you are willing to put in the hours to become good enough, because there are some real experts that will eat you for lunch.

Tetris 99

Well, this has to be one of the best games for competitive online supremacy, right? It’s Tetris but in a Battle Royale-style. Here you play against 99 other players to see who can become the Tetris King, and let me tell you things get rather feisty quite quickly. If you have the skills and Tetris is your game, then you can’t get much better than this.



What can we say about Paladins other than it is excellent and fun to play? This is a shooter where you get to wield guns and magic in this team-based shooter. You can customize your abilities as well as your champion to find the play style which suits you. This game certainly has that one-more-go feel and a bit of a steep learning curve, but once you get into this it’s hard to tear yourself away.


This is an online action multiplayer battle arena where you can choose from 100 gods to play as, such as Loki or Zeus. It’s cool playing in the third-person perspective, and this has lots of differing strategies for you to win the battle. It’s free to download, so give this a try. And if it takes your fancy, you can then pay for the full version.



This would not be an online competitive list without a bit of sport which brings us to FIFA 20, the latest in the FIFA franchise on Nintendo Switch. Yes, it does not have the Frostbite engine, but this is still a good game of football/soccer on the handheld machine, and playing online and scoring that winning goal is a hard feeling to beat if you are into football/soccer.

Mario Tennis Aces

competitive online

If you cannot stomach football, then how about a bit of tennis with Mario Tennis Aces? This is a great competitive game to play online against either friends or random people. You can choose from loads of your favorite characters, too. While this is a list for online play, you can have a blast playing up to 4 players locally or even play split-screen. This is top notch action on the Nintendo Switch.


Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 4

For me, part 4 of this incredible series has the best competitive online fights out of the 4 games currently available on Switch. You can play ranked matches or unranked, but either way the fights are fast and furious with over 120 characters to choose from. There is bound to be one that will suit your playstyle, too. All of them with their own awakenings and jutsus. If you love the anime, then you are going to love this, and if you are a competitive type of player then this game will have you pitting your skills against some of the best. Be aware that some people did have problems playing online when this first released, but it seems that slowly the issues are sorting out. We have tested it on our Switch and had no issues finding a fight, and there was no lag either.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Love fighters? Love the Dragon Ball series? Well, this one is for you with anime graphics and easy-to-learn gameplay where you play 3 v 3, but the online options really make playing this one quite a thrill, especially with the 6-player party match and of course those ranked matches where you will most probably get eaten alive if you don’t put the practice in. Playing with friends where the loser gets to buy the beers is good enough for us.


Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition

What can be better than taking on some mates in Street Fighter? This series has been a staple for many years, and this version includes 12 arcade classics in one collection. There’s an online lobby so you can enjoy with friends or randoms and dish out a beating. I can’t think of too many games which bring out the competitive spirit as wildly as Street Fighter can.

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat has been around for many years, and with the latest installment, the ante is high and so is the shock value. There are some great finishing moves, and gameplay with some improved visuals make this game a fantastic one to pick up and dish out an X-rated beating on friends or randoms online.




competitive online

When ARMS first came out, we had a lot of fun with it, whether playing with a JoyCon in each hand and executing punches or with standard controls. It’s a great experience and a game which has probably been a little forgotten. This is a great fighter for competitive online play. At least this is a game where throwing those punches will also get you a little more active. Whatever way you look at it, it’s a Nintendo game which usually means good online support and a decent level of polish, but most importantly fun for family, friends, and anyone else involved in the battle.

Puyo Puyo Tetris

We kid you not, this game can get very competitive. So much so that I was sweating trying to beat my opponents. If you love Tetris or Puyo Puyo, then this game combines the two to make one of the most infuriating, exhilarating, and competitive online games I have played on the Switch.


Hyper Jam

Hyper Jam is a fantastic brawler which is meant to be played against friends or randoms online. It’s a brawler where the aim of the game is to be the last person standing out of four. There are weapons to pick up that have a limited use, environments where you can get knocked off and fall to your death, or run down by a train. The soundtrack and visuals are also incredible. Most of all, it’s pure fun to play against others online. If you want to check Jason’s review on this one, CLICK HERE.

Fast RMX

If you loved playing Wipeout, then Fast RMX is as close as you are going to get here, but this also has the added bonus of being able to play online against up to 8 other racers. It’s fast, high-octane racing and just how I like it. This is anti-gravity vehicle racing at its best, and we cannot recommend it enough even though it was one of the first wave of titles on the Nintendo Switch.



This is a team-based multiplayer game and a first-person shooter with teams of 6. Players have to work together to secure control points and escort payload. There are various modes with a competitive ranked mode also. If you have a bunch of friends who have the game, then this is great to team up with your buddies and take your teamwork online to go against other teams. The visuals are decent, and there is a good amount of differing heroes with skills to choose from.

Killer Queen Black

It can’t get that much more competitive than Killer Queen Black. You have 3 ways to win; hop on the snail, hoard the berries, or wipe out the opposing queen. This is 4 vs 4 combat, and boy is is intense. You can play online in unranked, ranked, or create custom matches. Don’t worry, though, you can go in solo and you will be put into a team if you don’t know anyone else that has the game. We recommend playing with and against friends, though, because it is such a blast.


Rocket League

Last but certainly not least is one of my favorite online competitive games ever. There is nothing better in my opinion than teaming up with 2 or 3 mates and taking on other teams trying to control those cars and score goals with a ball. Rocket League should not work, but it does and it’s one of the funniest games I play online. It takes a bit of time to learn and to get the timings right. Getting a grasp of having to control a mental high-speed car with boosts is exciting and learning to control and line up the car takes some time, but smashing the ball into the goal for your team is exhilarating and there is nothing like it.

This rounds off our list of competitive online games on Switch! It’s been great and from Jordan, James, and I we bid you farewell, stay safe, and we will certainly see you soon on the next one!

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