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Soccer Slammers Nintendo Switch Review

Soccer Slammers Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Atooi

Publisher: Atooi

Release Date: Out

Price as of Article: $9.99 USD, £8.99 GBP

Game code provided by Atooi for review

Soccer Slammers is a 2 Vs 2 arcade football game were you select one of the 40 teams to either play a quick match or World Cup. The game also supports 1 to 4 players in quick match or 1 to 2 players in world cup.

It’s a unique take on football. Instead of your typical match consisting of eleven players per team, this game removes most of the competitors in favor of 2 Vs 2 football games. After selecting either quick match or World Cup, you appear at the team select screen. Here, you will find 40 teams each with their own skill level.

One of nicest surprises is seeing none other than a Mutant Mudds team including the main character of Mutant Mudds and his granny as one of the selectable teams. Sadly, one of my biggest disappointments is that they didn’t go with a more diverse character roster. It would been amazing to see characters from other Atooi games such as Bomb Monkey, Xeodriffer, Tote the Goat, Chicken Wiggle and of course Treasurenaut. This would have added some serious personality to the mix.

Soccer Slammers Image 1

The controls are really simple: move with the analog stick, tackle with the Y button, pass with the B button and shoot with the A button. You can also Sprint for a short while with the R trigger. If you hold the A button, you can charge your shot. Other than that its a pretty simple affair controls-wise.

While you are running around the pitch, you only get to control one character and your other teammate is a CPU. Sometimes, they can be pretty good. Other times, I wondered if my teammate had a few drinks before the match. The other thing you need to worry about is the opposing AI team is quite aggressive and makes matches feel a tad one sided at a times.

Gameplay is fast. You quickly run around the pitch tackling where it is possible to take the ball off of your opponent. Once you have it, you directly pass it to your team mate who will hopefully hit it in the back of the net. Goals are scored pretty quick, so this game works well if you have not got a lot of time and just want a quick casual match.

Playing against the CPU is a rather tame experience; however, on a more positive note, this game was built for multiplayer at its heart, and I believe that is where you’ll get your money’s worth! Single player is quite boring even if you are a diehard fan of football games. Local multiplayer will be the big selling feature here. I can see how with few mates together, you could have a good laugh, and it gets a few bonus points for that.

There are also 5 different designs for the ball if you want to customise the experience a little. The game also uses the screenshot feature but doesn’t support video capture; however, according to the publisher, it may be released as DLC in the future.

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The music is not bad. The only track beats while you are on the menu but not when you’re playing. You’re treated to standard on-the-pitch noises like crowds cheering, whistles blowing at half time and a sound made while the ball rolls around which are all pretty standard stuff for footy game.

The graphics are all quite blocky and remind me of Minecraft, but they work for what developers were clearly going for. So, I have no issue in that department. And game itself runs fine. I didn’t experience any issues at all, so it’s all good on that front.

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At £8.99/$9.99, I think this is rather expensive for what’s being offered especially since this game mainly focuses on local multiplayer. Obviously, you play single player in World Cup mode, but I think you need to be a diehard football fan as I got bored after about 3 matches of same thing. But, with that said, this is the only cheap football-based game on the eShop at the moment. Some people may think its worth it and invest in the title just for local multiplayer.


1 to 4 players – quick match

Local co-op

World Cup mode

Mutant mudds team


No personality

No bragging rights features for multiplayer

Too expensive

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