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Physical Releases on Switch – Time to Move Out!

Here we go, everyone! Jordan is back again for another week of Physical Releases coming out on the Switch. These physical releases usually cover new releases, low print indies, and imports from Japan and beyond! Check out the video below, or you can continue to read it here on

Let’s get physical! It’s Jordan here, back again with this week’s update on all the physical releases coming to the Nintendo Switch.We’re in the final week of April, and we’re taking a look at the releases from the April 27th until May 1st. As always, we’re taking a look at all the retail physical releases, all the low print games up for order, and some juicy imports.


Let’s delve in!

Retail Physical Releases

Moving Out

Moving Out is the latest game from SMG Studios. This is a party game that’s taken quite a few notes from the competitive classic, Overcooked. Except this time with house removals involved. This looks to be as fun as it is chaotic, and although we’ve not reviewed it ourselves, we’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Is anyone planning on picking this one up? If you are, let us know how it is!


Arcade Spirits

Arcade Spirits is perhaps releasing this week on May 1st in Europe, but as it’s a PQube title. You can never be too sure until it’s in your hands. Anyways, this is a quirky visual novel-type game with a bit of comedy thrown in. It’s set in an alternative future where arcades still reign supreme. There’s lots of customization apparently, so you can adjust your appearance, including skin tones, hair color and even which pronoun you prefer. Anyone up for this one? Let us know! And also, US release may be next week.

Snooker 19: Gold Edition

After a small delay from last week, this week we have Snooker 19: Gold Edition. This is a re-release of the Snooker game from last year but now with the DLC challenge pack included. 128 real life snooker pros are available to play, all the official tournaments, a career mode, plus the 50 challenges. It’s looks to be a good one for fans of snooker, if you didn’t already pick this one up before. This is releasing on the 24th in the UK. I have no idea about overseas.


Ministry of Broadcast

Ministry of Broadcast is a cinematic platformer that fills me with big feelings of classic games such as Flashback and Another World with other more modern games such as Uncanny Valley. A bit of stealth and a bit of puzzle solving, it looks pretty good if you’re into this sort of thing. Now, I’m not sure about other outlets, but from the publisher’s website, PM Studios, if you pick this game up you can get a steel book with it. I know plenty of you guys like those things, so don’t miss out on that. Also, the European release may be next week.


An uncertainty is that Red Art Game’s previously low print release, Xeodrifter, may be getting a wider release. I confirmed this fact a while back with Red Art Games who admitted it was the case, although that was before there was a certain release date. Well, it looks like Xeodrifter may be out this week on April 30th. If you’re interested, I found the listing on Play Asia, but nowhere else right now so have a look at that if you fancy it.



Let’s jump into the low print releases!


Low Print Releases

Coffee Talk

A game that I always assumed was primed for a low print release, Coffee Talk. Yes, for a few months, this has been an import only title that had English on the cartridge, but now Strictly Limited Games have snapped it up to added it to their line up. This is a visual novel set in a quirky alternative world where you chat to customers and make them a nice cup of coffee. I’ve had my eyes on this one for a while, and here in China it’s less than $30, almost close to where I want it. Anyways, if you don’t want to import then you can pick this up. Or maybe you want the collector’s edition, which does look quite nice. You get a large poster, an art book, a stickersheet, character cards, as well as a 2 CD soundtrack. 26th of April for this. This is SwitchWatch Legend God of Resin’s Pick of the week.

Eternum EX

Eternum EX is from Red Art Games. This is a retro inspired platformer, and, while I can’t say for 100%, I have to say it looks incredibly mediocre. Or perhaps bland is a better word. Anyways, you can order this one right now with a supposed 2800 copies available.


Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition

I’m not entirely sure how long this has been up for order, but either way I should probably talk about it. Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition is up for pre-order on the IAm8Bit website. This is an almost surreal and mysterious point-n-click adventure which is praised very highly. I personally don’t have experience with it, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. So be sure not to miss out on this one. It’s expected to ship on Q3 this year.

Alright, let’s jump into the imports this week! Well, kind of. The fact is that there aren’t any this week but…




Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

There’s been a lot of confusion regarding the physical release of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Well, Europe does have a physical release, although only in certain places and it’s been selling out quite fast. It turns out the US version has been a no-show, which I could have sworn was announced at the same time as the game announcement, but I don’t know.

Anyways, it looks like US folk are going to have to import if you want a physical version for now. Thankfully, you have 3 options. The European one, which is a bit hit-or-miss right now, probably thanks to COVIS-19 or perhaps a low print number, is one option. However, you can pick up the Japanese version which has English as well as the South Asian version.


There are links below in the description if you want to pick those up. The one that you DON’T want is the Hong Kong/Chinese version, because that’s the one that does not have English. It only has Chinese and maybe Korean. As I said, the links below are the ones you’ll be wanting if my American friends want to secure their physical copy. Maybe the US version will turn up later, but who knows during this crazy time.

And just remember that you can also get 5% off of your order if you use the links in the description, and when you check out, you can use the coupon code “SwitchWatchTV” to get 5% off your order. It also helps the show massively.


Asian release with English
Japanese release with English

Right, guys. Hope you enjoyed this episode of New Physical Releases. Special thanks to our executive producers Dane Wilkinson, God of Resin, and all the others who have joined our membership, we really appreciate you guys.


Have any games taken your fancy this week? Be sure to check out last week’s episode in case you missed it, plus a couple of reviews you may have missed. Last week was big in terms of our reviews, too. We had a lot of big ones, so don’t forget to subscribe so you won’t miss out. We’ll see you guys next time, and remember, Let’s Get Physical!

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