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Physical Releases on Switch – Kamiko Physical!

Jordan has the goods and is back with another Physical Releases on Switch episode! The man over at SwitchWatchTV always brings us the details on anything physical coming to our lovely hybrid consoles. You can check out the video below, or you can keep scrolling down to read his script here on

Let’s get physical!! It’s Jordan here, back again with this weeks update on all the physical releases coming to the Nintendo Switch. We’re in the second week of June! We’re looking at the 8th until the 12th.


Retail, low print and imports, plus our community spotlight where you show off your pick ups and potentially win a physical Switch game.

Let’s get on with it!


Physical Releases

1971: Project Helios

1971: Project Helios is supposedly releasing physically this week. This is a turn-based strategy game with an art style that looks pretty old school. It looks a little basic. 8 characters join forces, each of which have their own issues to deal with. I dunno about this one, I’m getting a slightly beige feeling from it, but hopefully it turns out good for those looking for a new strategy game and don’t want XCOM 2.

Spirit of the North

Spirit of the North is releasing this week thanks to Merge Games and Signature Edition. This released digitally last month and Juan took a look at it for a review. If you want to know more about it in-depth, then be sure to watch that video. Anyways, as stated it’s getting a standard retail release but is also being treated to one of Signature Edition’s lovely packages which includes a soundtrack CD, enamel pins, art card and certificate.



Here’s an uncertainty from PQube, love their games, but they don’t half make my life difficult in this series. Warborn was destined to release this week, at least that’s the last time I heard something official. But many retailers are backtracking to a placeholder date, so don’t expect this one to show up. I asked PQube for confirmation during the week but didn’t get a reply. Anyways, just in case it does make it: It’s a game that has caught my attention This is a strategy game that’s another one wanting to fill that Advance Wars hole in our hearts. We’ve had Tiny Metal, Wargroove, well Warborn may be yet another addition to that lineup. It has a unique art style that has probably grabbed a lot of people’s attention. The attack animations look interesting, although nothing compared to the daddy of them all – Super Robot Wars. But then again, this is made by 3 people! And just in case it’s not delayed.

Dungeon of the Endless

Dungeon of the Endless is a maybe, this week. It keeps getting listed as very soon, but always seems to get pushed back to the next week. I’ve wrote about this one so many times, but had to delete it because the listing disappeared again. Anyways, this is a tough but popular action game that is fairly old, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t gold. Look out for this one. It may or may not arrive this week. And, just to edit this in after I recorded, boss man Juan sent over this picture of what he got delivered. Looks like it’s a winner guys!



Microids have gone on a bit of a code-in-a-box spree this week. A myriad of their titles are seeing the old download code in a box treatment, in Europe at least. If you take a look over at, you’ll see decent prices for Gear Club 1, Moto Racer 4, Super Chariot, Syberia, Toki and Yesterday Origins.

Let’s jump into the low print releases!


Low Print


In between a low print and an import, our friends over at B-side games have announced their latest Nintendo Switch physical and this time it’s a game that doesn’t have one over here in the west either. It’s the legendary Kamiko. Yes, one of the first Nintendo Switch success stories is getting a physical release in Japan via B-side games. These are the fellas that put together the beautiful physicals of Golf Story and Cat Quest. One’s that we may be giving away if that tweet ever reaches a hundred before end of the month. They are absolutely stunning and we have no doubt that Kamiko will be the same.

This is the indie game that really kicked the eShop off with a bang. Now with gorgeous box art, and card sleeve, you even get a soundtrack CD with this one, some stickers as well as an acrylic key chain. In the lower priced tier you can get 1 of 3 available at random, or you can get the slightly more expensive version which includes all 3. I mean, it’s just gorgeous. Head over to B-Side Games.Stores.JP to take a peek for yourself. They do international shipping, well, they will at least once COVID has died down a little more. This physical DOES have English.



Brave Dungeon & Dark Witch Story Pack

And just as I finished writing that segment, they announced their fifth release. This is going to Brave Dungeon and Dark Witch Story Pack. Yes, two games in one, plus you get a demo version of an upcoming release apparently! While I will say that these games look very basic, and interest me less than Kamiko, the art work and presentation looks to be fantastic as always, plus it contains a soundtrack CD which is always a bonus for me. Like Kamiko, this release will have English on the cartridge. You can pre-order now, and shipping is scheduled for July.


The Wonderful 101

In Japan, there’s not a whole lot this week. I think perhaps the Wonderful 101 is releasing physically. I know it’s delayed until a few weeks later in Europe and North America, but I’m not entirely sure if Japan was the case also. So consider this an uncertainty. Anyways, this excellent Platinum Games release was once a Wii U exclusive and Kickstarted to other consoles including the Switch. I’ll talk more about this one in a few weeks time when the western release is upon us. If you want to import early, though, feel free to do so as the Japanese version has English.


Steamdolls – Order of Chaos

Alright, now let’s talk about a Kickstarter, which should get its own section. Just a reminder that Kickstaters are not endorsed by us, pledge at your own risk. I try to only talk about ones that look legit enough, but still, I’ve been burned 2 out of 3 times. So be warned. Steamdolls – Order of Chaos is an upcoming steampunk inspired Metroidvania. It’s got a bit of stealth, bit of action, nice art style and seems to be coming along nicely. It’s already reached it’s main goal and has a Nintendo Switch physical tier for €75 although it’s a bit weird since they are only making 200 available, which I’m sure can’t be ordered that low from Nintendo. So expect to have a less exclusive physical release at some point too.

Trials of Mana Soundtrack

Heading into the miscellaneous section. I just want to highlight the upcoming release of the Trials of Mana soundtrack CD. Japan are always lucky to get awesome soundtrack releases, it’s a good job I don’t live there otherwise I’d be broke. Well, more than usual! This is a 3 CD set of the Remake game’s soundtrack with 60 songs in total. Obviously this is very niche, and I suspect I’m the only person who’s interested in knowing this. But luckily it’s my series, and I can talk about anything I like! If you like it too and you want to own it, then consider using the links in the description and pinned comment where you can find it for yourself and support us at the same time, plus you can get 5% off every physical item if you use our coupon code: SWITCHWATCHTV. That’s all one word – SWITCHWATCHTV.


Trials of Mana Remake Soundtrack

Right guys, hope you enjoyed this episode of New Physical Releases! Special thanks to our executive producers Dane Wilkinson, God of Resin, Jonathan Rumore, Ganacus and all the others who have joined our membership, we really appreciate you guys. Check out last week’s monster episode in case you missed it, and we’ll see you guys next time!

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