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Nintendo Switch Release Windows Compared To Other Consoles Is Shrinking – Panic Button GM
Nintendo Switch Release Windows
Nintendo Switch release windows are getting shorter according to Panic Button’s GM.

As the Nintendo Switch has been out for over a year, developers are beginning to have more time with the console and should be able to get their games released on it in progressively shorter amount of times according to Panic Button’s general manager, Adam Creighton, in a recent interview with MCV.

For example, if you look at DOOM which was finished and shipped to people when development started for the Nintendo Switch version, and that game comes out sixteen months later for Switch. then you see Wolfenstein II, where we get involved as the game is in development and almost done, this game comes out less than eight months after releasing. I see that window shrinking all the time for those publishers and developers who are planning on Switch at the outset.


Mr. Creighton says that he feels the Switch needs to become a priority for both the publisher and developer which is viewed on equal standing with the other consoles. This would allow them to get the games to “internal teams or external outfits like Panic button” so there can be a higher chance that we’re “going to get day and date parity for big releases.

With many big new games on the horizon which have potential to come to the Switch, it would be exciting to see Mr. Creighton’s prediction come to fruition. This would no doubt be good not only for gamers but also the general sales performance of these games on the Switch provided they are not rushed ports.

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