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Smash Bros Ultimate Invitational Participants Provide Feedback To Devs


Now that E3 has wound down and the players who got to experience Smash Ultimate firsthand are reflecting on the experience, we are learning more information about it. Armada, who participated in the Smash Bros invitational tournament hosted a Q&A on his channel in which he discussed a few topics from the current implementation of wavedashing to why he has stuck with Melee over all these years.

At the introduction of the video, Armada discussed how he and the other invitational participants were given an opportunity to provide direct feedback on the game. They were given the option to do it in person at E3 or to postpone and provide written feedback at a later date which was the option Armada opted for. Armada’s plan is to contact the other players who were invited to try and make sure they are all “on the same page” about what needs to be improved in the hopes that if they share similar thoughts on what needs improved, then their opinions may be weighed more heavily by the developers.

Armada indicated that the Nintendo representatives who were with them while they tried out the game in the six hours prior to the invitation were very willing to listen. This is a great sign that the master players who Nintendo went to the trouble of inviting were given a chance to provide feedback on the game. If there is any single group of individuals whose opinions may be seriously considered, this group would probably be it. If the changes I have seen recommended by Armada or Zero alone were made to the game, then it could get dramatically improved over its already phenomenal form.

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You can watch Armada’s video here. Be sure to go and support his channel!

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