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Smash Bros Ultimate, Dark Souls Remastered + More: Hands on Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Smash Bros Ultimate was the star of the show but it wasn’t the only game we got to play at Nintendo UKVS this weekend. We managed to get hands on Nintendo Switch gameplay experience with Dark Souls Remastered, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Pokemon Lets Go Eevee & Pikachu, Killer Queen Black and FIFA 19.

The event was a blast as we got to witness some epic competitive play of Splatoon, Mario Tennis Aces and more.

Whats more we were allowed to share footage for all of these games with the exception of FIFA and Pokemon, check out our video below to see our gameplay footage and hear our thoughts. Let us know which games you are most looking forward to in the comments! Lets dive in to each of these games below:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch

The latest in the much loved fighter series was on display and we got to experience playing it on a TV using an awesome GameCube style Smash Bros Controller. The first thing that struck us was the gorgeous graphics, the visuals really do stick out and with a full roster of every single Smash Bros character plus a bunch of new characters like Inkling we are in for a visual treat.

The next thing that stands out is the fast paced action on offer, the game feels a bit faster than previous iterations and this is highlighted with the fast paced recovery after performing a strong attack or being knocked back. Controls wise everything is tight and we can confirm that you can turn hazards on and off though we don’t know the granularity on offer. So far so good – this is shaping up to deliver against the enormous hype it’s receiving.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is due to hit the Nintendo Switch on December 7th

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Dark Souls Remastered

dark souls remastered Nintendo switch

Its been a while in the making with rumours of delays but we got our hands on Dark Souls Remastered in handheld mode. Visually its a treat running at 720p (and 1080p when docked). We didn’t see any lag or delays and it played like a dream on the move. Dark Souls Remastered adds the previously released DLC, as well as an improved online experience where you can jump in with up to 6 friends and pairing up, has never been easier. The game was slated for release this summer so in order for that deadline to be met we are looking at an August release, fingers crossed!


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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate


We got to play a four player local co-op with four switches sat round in handheld mode – what an awesome introduction we got to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch! In our time with the game we experienced a very polished big boss encounter, the game features six hunting styles and makes use of the touch screen by way of executing hunter arts which are unique skills associated with the hunting styles. For those familiar with the series Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is the localised name for Monster Hunter XX and so far so good – the performance was solid and I for one look forward to smashing some big beasts, crafting and getting ultimate gear with friends in Capcom’s adventure.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate hits the Nintendo Switch on August 28th

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Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Starlink Battle for Atlas Nintendo Switch

Starlink: Battle from Atlas from Ubisoft hits the figurine/digital game crossover that feels right at home on the Nintendo Switch considering the popularity of Amiibo’s. The premise is that you can assemble a fully customisable starship on the fly which is then directly replicated in the game, in fact, we got to see this in action – you can swap load outs and on screen these changes will happen instantly, even the direction of a wing or weapon is replicated, its all very intuitive. From a game perspective the game looks very solid, we got to explore a world and even managed to test shooting up into space and taking on some enemies. This game is showing a lot of potential and we were impressed with what we saw.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is due out on October 16th

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Pokemon Lets Go Eevee & Pikachu

Pokemon Lets Go Nintendo Switch

We got to play Pokemon Lets Go for a short period of time at the Nintendo UKVS event in docked mode using the nifty Pokeball Plus – an optional controller that consists of a single joystick that can be pushed in as a button and motion controls so you can fling it to capture Pokemon, I was impressed with this controller – the game was very easy to control with it and it felt like a joy, interestingly you will be able to use the controller with your mobile to play Pokemon Go as well.

I must admit that whilst I am a Pokemon fan I am not as keen on the less deep, non RPG titles in the series such as Pokemon Go so I didn’t have high hopes here, thankfully I was pleasantly surprised! Pokemon Lets Go sits firmly in the middle of both genres – it’s not a fully fledged RPG experience but its got more depth that Pokemon Go. We got to revisit the Kanto region – this game takes place there and features familiar faces with all of the original Pokemon Yellow Pokemon featuring. In our gameplay we got to encounter a number of wild Pokemon which you can capture but not fight and then square off against a few trainers – the battles here felt good, you have a number of skills available and can switch between your Pokemon that you can level up and visit the gym with.

Overall I was impressed, I think this is going to be a huge hit with children but it may just be deep enough for less casual players to enjoy as well – fingers crossed.

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Pokemon Lets Go hits shelves on the 16th November.

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Killer Queen Black

Killer Queen Black Nintendo Switch

Killer Queen has been a bit of a hit over on Steam and now its getting a lick of paint, some new features and is heading onto the Nintendo Switch as Killer Queen Black. The premise is interesting – you play as a team of insects led by a Queen with 3 win conditions – meeting any one of them will see you gain victory. We got hands on time with it and its an interesting concept that can be played solo but will shine against others and we think this might see a healthy competitive scene on the Switch.

We don’t have to wait long as Killer Queen Black is scheduled for release on August 7th



Last year I was impressed with EA’s release of FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch, the console was relatively new and being able to experience FIFA on the move was excellent. That said there were some major drawbacks – the game didn’t use the frostbite engine and what we got was effectively FIFA 16 or so on the Switch but the main issue was the sore lack of being able to play against friends online – you could only play random players.

This time around we got to play a few exhibition matches of FIFA 19, its still not running on Frostbite but we were impressed with the closing of the gap against the other console versions being released. Online play with friends has been added and whilst we don’t know what single player modes are available we do know that Ultimate Team is back and that the Champions league rights are here along with a new team doing commentary which sounded pretty solid. As for the gameplay its hard to tell after a short time but we got the sense that everything is more precise and less arcade like – for example through balls required more precision and goalkeepers definitely made more saves! The version we got to play was not a final build but so far, so good!

FIFA 19 is due for release on September 28th

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The future definitely looks positive for the Nintendo Switch! With a recent commitment from them to release a crazy 20-30 games per week and a number of solid titles coming out soon it looks like the amount of hard earned cash being spent by us all isn’t going to reduce any time soon!

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