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Min Min for the Win Win! – Our ARMS Rep for Smash Bros

Nintendo finally announced who the ARMS representative for Super Smash Bros Ultimate is, and it is none other than the member of ramen royalty and from the famed Mintendo Noodle House, Min Min!

This announcement has been a long time coming, and speculation was rampant, ranging from which character it might be to a possibility of being multiple characters. At the end of the day, Min Min was decided because Mr Yabuki likes her the most. You can check out the Mr Sakurai Presents video below.

Min Min Arms Herself

Min Min is young human girl of Chinese decent that, along with the other ARMS participants, was gifted with an incredible ability to extend her arms like springs for the ARMS Open Invitational. She is an incredibly cool character with one dragon-scaled arm and one ramen noodle arm. Her entire look and persona is a unique blend of Chinese and Japanese culture, and she quickly became one of the most loved and adored characters in the series.

She will have the ability to change her “arms” in the Super Smash world as well, which will give her an incredible amount of variety in her attacks. The fact that she is spring-laced allows for her range to be quite long as well, giving her some interesting mash-ups with the other combatants in the game.

Mr Sakurai also mentioned that translating the ARMS character into Super Smash Bros Ultimate was a difficult task, but as a result, they were able to create a fighter that has an extraordinary fighting style.

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For an in-depth analysis of Min Min and her functionality in game, please take some time to watch Mr Sakurai’s video that he and Nintendo released today.

Thank you so much for stopping by for all of your Smash Bros news and needs. How excited are you for this new character? Were you hoping for someone else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Happy gaming, everyone!

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