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Dream Pokemon Fighters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Incineroar blazoned on to the Smash stage as the last reveal for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and its initial roster. Now, new challengers await in Fighters Pass 2, and a Pokemon fighter could fill at least one of the spots. Let’s check our pokedexes and see what might be in store.


super smash bros ultimate cinderace

The evolution of the fire starter from Pokemon Sword & Shield has a knack for football, and perhaps fighting in the ring. He has a cool design and has a unique move at his disposal: Pyro Ball. He takes a rock, lobbies it up, and then does a flaming spike with the football-like rock towards his opponents. It’s a stylish attack that would look right at home in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. His moveset would be like Captain Falcon but with kick-focused attacks. He’d also have the agility of the F-Zero protagonist. I think Cinderace is equipped to be in a fighting game, and it’s personally one of my favourites from Sword & Shield.



This owl pokemon from last generation was touted to take Incineroar’s spot, but fans were wrong about his inclusion with yet another fire pokemon running the show. However, with Fighters Pass 2, there may be a second chance. Decidueye would have an excellent recovery, arrow quills that come from his wings, and perhaps it could have a leaf blade that briefly appears when activated. Super Smash Bros Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai could also check out what moves Decidueye is capable of in the Pokemon fighting game, Pokken Tournament.


super smash bros ultimate heracross

If Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, and Game Freak decide to do Pokemon Let’s Go again, but in the Johto region, Heracross wouldn’t be a bad pick for a relevant character inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This beetle is a powerful fighting/bug type that can use its horn to rush and flip opponents in its way and can implement fighting moves into the battle like Brick Break and Close Combat. It can also use a powerful charge attack called Megahorn that can throw enemies out of the battle. Heracross has a sick-looking Mega Evolution too for a potential Final Smash attack.



Which Pokemon would you like to see in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, if any. Let us know in the comments below!

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