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Who Could be Joining the Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster?

One of the only things that might be more fun than duking it out in Smash Bros is daydreaming about what crazy new fighters might come next. Sure, everyone is here, but we’re somehow getting even more. From the obvious inclusions to the left-field surprises, each new fighter feels like an event. As Smash Bros has grown from a celebration of Nintendo’s history to one of gaming in general, it’s starting to feel like nobody is off limits. With that in mind, let’s take a stab at predicting the wild new additions to the Smash Bros Ultimate roster the second Fighters Pass will bring! With six fighters total planned to be included as part of the pass, here are my predictions.

1. Arms… Person

This one’s a freebie.

Okay, this one’s already been announced, but there’s still a lot we don’t know. For starters, which Arms character is going to get that coveted spot on the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster? My guess? Eight of them.

Just like Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings, I’m willing to bet the Arms rep will be a whole swath of the most popular Arms characters, each acting as a different costume. As for which eight characters will make the cut, I’d expect Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Min Min, and Twintelle for sure. The other four could be Helix, Ninjara, Mechanica, and Kid Cobra.


It would be important that the characters don’t have any elements that wouldn’t translate from one fighter to another, like Byte and Barq’s unique two-fighter approach or Master Mummy’s hulking frame.

2. Rex and Pyra

smash bros ultimate roster
I wonder if Pyra would qualify as acceptable for ‘good boys and girls’…

Sakurai has gone on record saying that while he would have liked to include some form of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 rep, the timing didn’t work out. With the main game complete and time to develop new fighters, it would make a lot of sense for him and the team to return to the idea. Xenoblade is becoming an increasingly important franchise for Nintendo, and it makes sense for it to have a bigger presence in Smash.


3. Shovel Knight

smash bros ultimate roster
Man, just imagine all the great music…

There are two major facets of the gaming industry that have yet to secure a fighter on the Smash Bros Ultimate roster. We’ll get to the second in a minute, but the first is the indie scene. Games like Super Meatboy, Celeste, and Stardew Valley are just as popular and beloved as the big boys, and they have more than earned a spot on the roster.

While there’s a good number of characters that would make for great additions – Shantae in particular would be a great choice – my money is on Shovel Knight. He’s been the darling of the indie scene from the minute his game launched, and expansive updates and innumerable cameos have kept him relevant since. He’s the obvious choice to represent indie gaming, and his varied toolset, incredible music, and sterling reputation would make him a fantastic addition to the roster.


4. Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet’s weapons leveling mid-match would be so cool. Also, probably broken.

Sony is arguably the biggest player in gaming without any representation in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Behind Nintendo, they might have the biggest backlog of beloved franchises in the industry. While someone like Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon might make more sense as a sort of Sony mascot, they no longer belong to Sony themselves. That doesn’t disqualify them – if anything, it would make securing them easier – but part of the magic of Smash is seeing so many companies coming together, regardless of past or present rivalries.

Sony lending Nintendo a character they currently own would mean having Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft reps all in a single, glorious celebration of video games. Ratchet and Clank, while not the obvious pick for the spot, would make a markedly more natural fit than someone like Uncharted’s Nate Drake, and their continued legacy across three generations of Sony hardware has made them some of their most enduring icons.


5. Master Chief

smash bros ultimate roster
*insert Halo theme here*

While Microsoft already has a character slot courtesy of Banjo and Kazooie, most people associate them with Nintendo anyway. If there’s going to be a Microsoft rep that really embodies that brand, who’s been there since the beginning and launched the Xbox almost single-handedly? It’s got to be Master Chief.

It’s important to note that Xbox’s presence in Japan is nothing close to its popularity stateside, and that presents arguably Master Chief’s biggest hurdle. Should he overcome it, though, the type of playground daydreams middle schoolers concocted will actually be brought to fruition. Master Chief vs. Mario… and Sonic… and Cloud. Man, Smash is weird.



6. Goku

smash bros ultimate roster
So orange. Goes really well with his stupid face.

Wait, come back.

Just… hear me out. I know Sakurai has already said that he hasn’t really considered characters that aren’t first and foremost video game characters. That alone means there’s virtually no chance that he gets in.


But think about it. Here’s one of the most popular characters, in any medium, ever. His whole schtick is fighting. Half the series is composed of a myriad of tournaments. The combination of fan outcry, global popularity, and potential to break the internet might be too much to ignore. No other character would dominate the conversation surrounding Smash Bros Ultimate as wholly as Goku would. He’s a hell of a longshot, but I might know a certain dragon that could help his chances.

Honorable Mentions

Crash Bandicoot, Geno, and a mint-in-box copy of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

Its side special could be costing like 90 friggin’ bucks.

So what do you think of my Smash Bros Ultimate roster predictions? Any particular fighter you’re really hoping has a shot? Did you agree with my list, or do you think I’m actually a big dumb stupid head? Either way, let me know in the comments below. If you’re looking for more Smash speculation goodness, be sure to check out our article about what Pokemon could join the fray here.

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