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Pokemon Gen 8 Coming To Nintendo Switch in 2019

Gamefreak revealed quite a lot in today’s Tokyo Press Conference regarding two new Pokémon games for the Switch: the Let’s Go pair and a free-to-start title called Pokémon Quest. But, little has been learned about the upcoming, core Pokémon Gen 8 title.

While Pokémon Let’s Go appears to be a nice, new take on the franchise, it will likely hit a little bit of a sour spot with traditional fans of the franchise who seek the familiarity these games usually represent. It is as of yet unknown whether that will be an itch the next core game in the franchise will scratch, but it shall be seen.


What form do you think this new Pokémon game will take? Will they continue to push the boundaries of the franchise in the way that Let’s Go is already doing? Or will they take it back in more of a traditional direction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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