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Animal Crossing Events I’d Love To See In New Horizons

Nintendo has already celebrated Easter and Earth Day, but the developer likely has a lot in store to keep us hooked on the line of constant progress! Here are some Animal Crossing events I’d love to see throughout the year and possibly beyond!

Events that celebrate important Nintendo anniversaries

In real life, folks love to wear licensed shirts to show their adoration of a particular franchise of games, movies, etc. I’d love to see that represented in Animal Crossing with official event items. We just crossed The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask‘s 20th anniversary with no mention from Nintendo.


How awesome would it be if they included Skull Kid’s mask or a reference to the Moon in New Horizons? Earthbound turns 25 on June 5th, and Xenoblade Chronicles is 10 on June 10th. I’d love to see some themed costumes and items from those franchises! Let’s see the Monado mounted on my wall! It would definitely bring in Nintendo fans!


This is very likely, but a Christmas event would be so sweet. Snow on the ground, a visit from Santa as a guest to the island, Christmas trees all around with lights strung around, wreaths on each door, and traditional music playing on the radio. There’s so much Nintendo can do during the Christmas season with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. How about a more rapid rate of presents in the air? They could also reference other holidays over this period to help represent more cultures in the game.



This is probably another shoe-in for an event, but I could see pumpkins being harvested and the colour of the leaves turning brown as the scariest night of the year creeps on by. It would be cool if Nintendo implemented a feature for pumpkins, in which you can carve your own custom designs. That would be so rad. You might be able to sell candy for money too at Nook’s Cranny. The villagers in your town could have their own costumes too. Lots of opportunity here for Nintendo to surprise us! Let’s hope it’s more of a treat than a trick.

Pokemon Day

An Eevee hat was available in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp before!

On February 27th, fans of the pocket monsters series celebrate Pokemon Day by watching the anime, playing the card game, or diving into any of the 122 games available across multiple Nintendo platforms. But, I’d like to see Animal Crossing: New Horizons add this as an event. Pokemon could be creatures to collect and add to the museum, there would be many items to collect, and the theme of Pallet Town could be remixed in the Animal Crossing soundtrack’s style. There was a Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee themed event in the mobile Animal Crossing game, Pocket Camp, but let’s hope Nintendo expands that further in New Horizons!



St. George’s Day

Oi! Guvnor! I’d like to see some English-themed content, please! St. George is the patron saint of England and is celebrated on April 23rd. Despite that time passing, I’d like to see Nintendo have this as an event next year. I’d love to see dragons roaming around the world of Animal Crossing, with a knightly costume available to craft for my villager. We could mount blades on our walls too, like the legendary Excalibur! Also, how about a cuppa tea on the side too?

What would you like to see as Animal Crossing events? Let us know in the comments below! I’d personally like to see what cultural events from your country you’d like to see make it to New Horizons!

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