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Shiny Amoonguss Being Distributed in Sword/Shield

In a great surprise to Pokemon fans around the world, Pokemon Korea is giving away a Shiny Amoonguss to Pokemon Sword and Shield players for a very limited time. The way to receive your Shiny Amoonguss is to input a special code within the game itself, and it is as easy to do as defeating a Magikarp.

Pokemon Korea is celebrating the 2019 World Championships, and the reason why Amoonguss was the chosen Pokemon to celebrate with is because World Champion Senior top 4 Baik Jongyoon used this Pokemon and gave players a reason to fear the poison and grass type.


In order to receive your free shiny, you need to follow these steps:

  • Start your game in Sword/Shield
  • Open the main menu and go to Mystery Gift
  • Choose “Get a Mystery Gift”
  • Then Choose “Get with Code/Password”
  • Then type TRA1NERSCUP
  • Select the Korean Amoonguss gift, and voila!

As a quick side note, the code TRA1NERSCUP does not seem like it fits in the passcode slots, but it does work. Just type it in as is, and you will be graced by a lovely Shiny Amoonguss with pretty decent stats. It will have max IVs in everything but Attack and Speed, it will start at level 50, and it will come equipped with Clear Smog, Spore, Protect, and Rage Powder.



Unfortunately, there is not long to get receive this promotion. Since you have until 10:59am EST or 14:59 UTC on Sunday, August 10th, it would be wise to pop that Sword/Shield cartridge into your Switch and type that code in as soon as you possible can. Please take advantage of this awesome promotion and add another spectacular shiny to your growing army.

Thank you for stopping by for all of your Pokemon-related news and needs. Did you get your free shiny yet? I sure did! And so did my son. It was an awesome surprise for us, and I hope you all can get one too. Happy gaming, everyone!

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