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6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week

We’re coming up to the end of April, and even more fantastic Switch games are on their way! Let’s check out some of the games coming out this week!

Moving Out – Tuesday, April 28

Welcome to “Smooth Moves,” a moving company you’ve just joined as a newly certified Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician. Play this physics-based moving simulator and grow your business while recruiting different customizable characters! You’re able to play the story mode in solo mode, or you can play with up to four players in co-op. Lift furniture, toss it around, and smash things while trying to get from one place to another with the furniture in the fastest times!

£19.99 $24.99 €24.99

Dread Nautical – Wednesday, April 29

You were on a nice, relaxing cruise – until monsters from another dimension appeared to destroy everyone and everything in their paths. Engage in tactical turn-based RPG gameplay that has roguelike elements. Fight off monsters while playing as one of four different characters. Try to convince remaining survivors to fight at your side while also managing your resources. Travel through all twenty decks in order to discover the ship’s mysteries!

£17.99 $19.99 €19.99

StarCrossed – Wednesday, April 29

An action arcade game with a magical girl aesthetic and five different space-faring heroes. Travel across the stars while strengthening bonds, and try to defeat the evil being lurking in the Nova galaxy. 

£7.99 $9.99 €8.99

My Secret Pets! – Thursday, April 30

After being dumped by your boyfriend, you return home only to discover that your four pets have transformed into handsome men. You’ll spend seven days with these “men,” who will battle for your affections while watching out for your ex. This visual novel will be available in Japanese, English, as well as simplified Chinese, so you’ll be able to enjoy it in any of those languages.

£13.49 $14.99 €14.99

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Mushroom Heroes – Thursday, April 30

A retro platformer in which players have the option of playing as one of three different mushroom characters; each mushroom has different special abilities that can be used to pass through different obstacles. Jump up high, float through the air, kill enemies with a bow, and block projectiles with a shield. The game includes 90’s inspired graphics with 38 different levels and dozens of different puzzles.

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£5.50 $5.99 €5.99

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Fairy Knights – Thursday, April 30

A new puzzle RPG where you play as a boy and girl attempting to slay the Devil and bring rain back to their barren kingdom. Play through speedy combat in which you use stone panels to defeat the enemy. You can activate different attacks and spells by moving and destroying stone panels. Design your own strategies; the more stone panels that you destroy, the more combos you make! Try to achieve the highest possible damage! Enjoy the pastel colored world with adorable SD characters!

£8.99 $9.99 €9.99

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That’s it for this week’s upcoming Switch games! Let us know in the comments what games you plan on checking out. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you have a great day.

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