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Physical Releases for Switch – NARUTO!

Jordan over at SwitchWatchTV continues to remind us of the physical releases coming out each week. This week, particularly, seems to be a real fun one! Keep scrolling down to check these physical releases out and let us know which ones are exciting to you.

Let’s get physical! It’s Jordan here, back again with this weeks update on all the physical releases coming to the Nintendo Switch. We’re in the third full week of April, we’re looking at the releases from 20th until the 24th. As always, We’re taking a look at all the physical retail releases, all the low print games up for order and some juicy imports.

It’s a big week guys!

Physical Releases

Trials of Mana

Who needs Final Fantasy 7 when there’s another Square Enix Remake coming in hot. Well, okay, so Trials of Mana doesn’t quite have the same impact as Final Fantasy 7, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. This is a remake of the 1995 Super Nintendo classic that only got an official English translation last year. It looks to be as close to the original as possible but wrapped up in a 3D package with a few additions including elemental weakness, air attacks and additional story dialogue. You pick 3 characters from the choice of 6, each with their own backstory and even differences in where the plot takes you means that this could be one that’s good for a couple of playthroughs at least.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road to Boruto

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road to Boruto is a hotly anticipated title from Bandai, yes, it’s still an older port, but fans have been crying for this one on the Switch to round off the series nicely. We had the trilogy before, as you may have seen in our review of that. Our biggest video ever. So it’s safe to say we’re excited about it. If you’re looking for a very competent licensed tie-in for a very beloved anime and manga, then look no further than this release. 24th of April for this one.


physical releases

CODE: REALIZE ~FUTURE BLESSINGS~ is a visual novel from Idea Factory and published by Aksys Games. There’s not much that I can say about this aside from I know it’s a popular series set in a steampunk like world. I’m really not an expert, lots of dudes standing around talking doesn’t quite do it for me, although it is visually striking. Should be April 23rd for this one.

Now let’s move on to the slightly less lucrative section with games that are codes in a box. Yes, there’s actually a lot this week, especially in the UK.

Moto GP20

Moto GP20 is releasing this week as a code in a box. If you’re looking for some super bike action in your life then this may be a decent option for you. It’s from Milestone, which means it’s not going have quite the budget you’d hope for this day in age, but with niche stuff like this, you have to get your expectations in check.

Various Others

And I’m not going to spend much time on these, but they’re worth a quick mention for the truly hardcore collectors. Having spoken with the distributor I can confirm that in the UK on the 24th we are also getting Real Heroes: Fire Fighter, Headsnatchers, Goosebumps: The Game, Degrees of Separation, and Cartoon Network Battle Crashers all as codes in a box. They’re on the Game Collection, that’s where I found these and perhaps you can get them in Argos too. Like I said, I know we’re all about physical stuff here, but I know some people will want to add these to their collection if they want to get every little bit.

Let’s jump into the low print releases!

Low Print Releases

Limited Run announced a very exciting double reveal of some Star Wars games that are on the Switch, both the Jedi Knight games are getting separate physical releases. Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast are getting standard releases, plus both are getting a collector’s edition which are very similar to each other in terms of content, just different designs between the two. In each you’ll get a steel book, coin, certificate, pin, booklet, USB stick, art cards, and a poster. Where’s the soundtrack? It’s Star Wars! Both of these are available for pre-order April 24th. I bet many people are excited about these right? I mean, I love Star Wars, but I don’t have much nostalgia for these, I played one of them but it didn’t really click with me, probably because I was enjoying Knights of the Old Republic at lot more at the time. And by the way. Can I just say, that I had a minor meltdown when I found out that Jedi Academy is the sequel to Jedi Outcast. Despite Outcast being called Jedi Knight 2. Yeah, after research now I know why. But it’s still dumb. Call it Jedi Knight 3 – Jedi Academy for God’s sake. It’s not too late Disney.

Special Reserve Games and Limited Run are tag teaming the Hotline Miami Collection. Special reserve have a nice collector’s edition, as they usually do, boxed very nicely with some art cards and booklet. Apparently 7,500 copies are available. Limited Run, however, have a standard edition with an alternative cover art with 4000 copies available. Is this the first Switch game which they’ve not done pre-orders for? Anyways, April 21st for this one. This one is SwitchWatch Legend: Dane Wilkinson’s pick of the week.

Alright, let’s jump into a couple of imports this week.


And just remember that what you see here (including the community spotlight section), we do have affiliate links if any of them take your fancy and you want to purchase for yourself and lend SwitchWatch a massive hand at the same time. Every purchase you make supports us very much.

Plus when you use our links, we can give you something back! If you use the coupon code SWITCHWATCHTV when you’re checking out, you can get 5% off all physical items.

What a week!


Celeste is leading the charge this week. Yes, this was released physically in the west thanks to Limited Run Games a while back, but for those who missed out, you can now get your hands on the Japanese release thanks to Flyhigh Works. There’s a standard release as well a minor collector’s edition thing that includes 6 postcards and 6 polaroid pictures. This is an all-time indie classic, exceptional platforming and a greats story combined. If you missed the Limited Run release then this looks to be a fine option. Who’s picking this one up?

Collector’s Edition

Little Busters

Next up we have a visual novel, but not of your standard kind. Little Busters is from the same company that brought us Clannad and if that means something to you, then you know that Little Busters should have the quality. We already have a written review for this one written by one of our viewers who is a fan of visual novels, far more of an authority than myself. We will try to work that into a video, but may not be able to so I highly recommend you head over to the website to read their review. It looks to be a top tier visual novel on the Switch. And the best news is that the Japanese release does have English on the cartridge, so it’s ripe for an import if you’re into the genre. Links are below!

Little Busters


Yumeutsutsu is a visual novel double pack. Again, a very interesting one. I have a lot of projects on the go at the minute so either we have review of this up already, or we will have one up pretty soon. This game, no I’m not saying it’s name again, is actually two games. Re:Master is the main game, while the other Re:After is a set of epilogues. They are both sold separately on the eShop, but together on the cartridge. If you want to know what they’re about, well they are visual novels with girl on girl action. It’s a mature rated release about a video game studio run by women, who have a tendency to get it on. Now, importers listen up, because the Japanese physical release, only one of the games has English, so you don’t really want to import the Japanese release. However. The Asian/Chinese release which is coming next month physically, does have English. So that’s the one you want to import. The links below in the description are for the Asian release with English even though that’s coming out in a few weeks.

Asian English release

Little Town Hero

Little Town Hero is getting its physical release in Japan this week thanks to Rainy Frog. This is a highly divisive game. Some enjoyed it, some absolutely hated it. I kind of did both in my review of it. Anyways, this physical release does have English so you can import this one now if you want, or you can wait a few months for NIS America to release their physical in the summer time which has a few bonus things with it

See Also
Children of Morta Limited Edition

Little Town Hero

Super Real Mahjong Love 2~7

Super Real Mahjong Love 2~7 is a 6 game collection of old mahjong games from the Saturn, PC Engine CD, Sharp x68000. I have no idea which specific ports they are but they are from around that era. They are basically strip mahjong. You win at mahjong, girls get naked, with strategically placed light, of course. Now, there’s no English for these which is a shame because believe it or not I actually really enjoy Mahjong. My wife is Chinese and her family taught me how to play it. Fun game! Promise of naked ladies only helps things. Even though there’s no English there’s also a collector’s edition you may fancy if you’re crazy enough to import. This includes a special case with new art work, reprinted instruction cards (fro the arcades I presume) and a miniature art book. Is it bad that I want this? Am I a perv? Or do I just want to play Mahjong? You decide!

Collector’s Edition

Bokuhime Project

Bokuhime Project is a visual novel from Nippon Ichi Software, not their usual style of release. Anyways, there’s no English for this one, so not worth an import.

Bokuhime Project

Bee Simulator

Bee Simulator is finally seeing a physical release in Japan. This already has a western release thanks to Microids so no need to be excited by this one.

Bee Simulator

Enter the Gungeon

And the same can be said of Enter the Gungeon which already has a physical release somewhere in the west. I know it’s bad, but I can’t actually remember if it was low print or not. But anyways, it’s releasing physically this week in Japan if you fancy it.

Enter the Gungeon

And last, but certainly not least, Metro Redux is seeing a release in Japan.

What has taken your fancy this week? Be sure to check out last week’s episode of physical releases in case you missed it, plus a couple of reviews you may have missed. We’ve got a lot of content for you guys, so don’t forget to click that subscribe button if you already haven’t! We’ll see you guys next time and remember. Let’s Get Physical with Physical Releases!

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