Guacamelee! STCE and Guacamelee! 2 come together in this amazing box of Mexiverse goodness
for PS4 and Nintendo Switch


Drinkbox Studios and Leadman Games tag team up to bring fans both games in the Guacamelee! series to physical tangible reality in one compact package on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch coming May 28th! The collection includes both critically acclaimed games, an exclusive 2-sided poster, a complete instruction manual, and download codes for two unforgettable soundtracks. Both versions can be pre-ordered starting today at your favorite adobe-and-mortar or online retailer for $39.99 USD.

For anyone not familiar, the Guacamelee! series combines action-packed 2D brawling with challenging platforming and Metroidvania progression elements. Inspired by Mexican folklore, Guacamelee! has players take control of a down-on-his-luck wrestler named Juan Aguacate as he explores a huge hand-crafted world filled with hordes of undead enemies and sassy bosses. Oh yeah, and you can also play as a chicken.

Guacamelee Collectors

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