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OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes Switch Review
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OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes Switch Review by SwitchWatch


Developer: Cartoon Network

Publisher: Cartoon Network

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Release Date: Out Now!

Price as of Article: $17.99 USD, £17.99 GBP


Game code provided by Cartoon Network for review

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The evil Boxmore is sick to death of Lakewood Plaza Turbo’s heroes and the super lives that they live. After a new range of power cards are released into the plaza, Boxmore decides to take drastic action and cause chaos in Lakewood Plaza Turbo by resetting all the heroes’ power card levels to zero! Muhahaha! Queue dramatic music!


Enter our hero, K.O., who must stop the evil Boxmore and his robotic army, and restore all his friends’ power cards by revealing their ‘powie zowies’! Yes, that’s their actual name! 

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Based on the hit Cartoon Network show, this game is a beat ‘em up/adventure with some light RPG levelling thrown into the mix. Our main hero, who you play as for main part of the game, is a young boy with a pretty awesome name – K.O. It fits the game to a T, as you will be doing a lot of KO’s to your enemies as you punch and kick your way around the plaza, learn new moves as you level up, and unlock new power cards, getting a helping hand from your fellow heroes.


Power cards are the main collectables here and most of the combat revolves around these cards. You can purchase these from a vending machine in the Bodega, which is located in the middle of the plaza, which just happens to also be the place where you work. It’s also the main area that you’ll be finding other heroes to talk to and do rad quests for, as well.

The Bodega has a front of house as well as a store room and a staff room, and it’s here where you can clock in and out of work with the help of a punching bag. It’s important to note that you need to clock in and out of work to receive your paycheck.


Welcome to Lakewood Plaza Turbo!

OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes Review Screenshot 4

The hub is a pretty big place to explore and you’ll find heroes chilling around the plaza as you move through a 2D environment, moving from screen to screen which displays different parts of the plaza.  With each successful mission you complete, more of the plaza becomes available to explore and new heroes can be discovered.


So far, I’ve moved through 25 different locations around the plaza. Some have shops that you can enter and other key areas that will unlock as you progress through the story. The Plaza is lovely to move around in, thanks to the beautiful art style and animation that the whole game drips with. I wish all games looked this great in motion – it’s like I’m playing part of the cartoon.


K.O. wants to be a hero, however, when the game begins he’s the only one who doesn’t own a power card. Everything soon changes, once he acquires one though.


There are a total of 24 heroes doing their own thing around the plaza. Some may even ask you for your help unlocking their powie zowies by completing a quest for them. You may even unlock their power card if a quest is completed, but I found the best way of collecting cards was to save up 10 techos and spend them in the vending machine. Each 10 techos in the vending machine gives you 3 power cards!

Some of the quests require you to destroy a certain number of enemies, other quests may require you to fetch or find hidden objects around the plaza. Also, any power cards you’ve unlocked will level up if a quest is completed successfully, which can lead to unlocking that card’s powie zowie. There are 24 heroes that you will be able to unlock and once their special ability is unlocked, you can use them in battle as an assist trophy just like in Super Smash Bros.


These heroes can appear to help you out with a range of different powers. Some may help you by causing more damage while others will grant you projectiles. It could turn the tables in a battle and cause a little havoc on your enemies, but they help to spice up the fighting mechanics.

OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes Review Screenshot 1


So Funny!

One thing that’s really well done are the cutscenes during missions and gameplay. These are all fully voice acted and can be quite amusing – it had me chuckling a few times. Some of these sections can lead into interactive segments where you need to pick the right response out of 3 choices, which can lead to more amusing actions. I also love the awesome intro music at the beginning of the game. It all adds to an immersive experience and makes you feel like you’re in the TV show.

Beat ‘em up!

Not only will you be running around doing quests, but now and again you will have to go face-to-face with Boxmore’s evil robot army. Each of the robots have unique personalities and attack abilities in battle and, again, are all well animated which I really like.


K.O. has his standard punch and kick abilities but once the feature is unlocked, you can start levelling up during these encounters and unlock new moves like the slide kick, throw, power uppercut, and a few other cool abilities. Once you complete a battle, you will receive boosties. These are separated into 3 categories:  Strength, Speed, and Coolness.

After a battle is completed, a piñata will fall from above and you will have to punch it until it cracks open. Once open, lots of boosties will fall out; collecting all of these will then be added to your level-up meter. Once levelled up, you will unlock new moves that can be viewed in your folder, which acts like your inventory. You can find lots of useful things in the folder so it’s best to check it regularly for updates to your quests.


While in combat, you can assign the heroes to the X or Y buttons. Each card has a recharge time and once the meter fills up, you can use their abilities in battle. One of my favourite features in this title is the powie zowies abilities, as they really change up the combat and they look really cool in action. It takes a while to unlock new powers as quests need to be completed to unlock the cards’ hidden powers. Remember, you can buy new cards at the vending machine and sometimes receive them from heroes.


You can also purchase other items – such as food, which can boost your levelling up experience – and you can also purchase items that help out heroes with their side quests too.


There are two areas where you can buy items and food. They are: the Bodega and the burrito van. Items can be purchased with your paycheck which you receive after work from Mr. Gar. You can also collect microchips which can be given to Dendy to receive more techos, which is the form of currency in Lakewood Plaza Turbo.


So how do you kick some serious butt in OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here’s the low down… that’s what the kids say these days, right?


Anyway, you can control K.O. with the analog stick to move freely around the hub area, and back and forth in the combat sections. You jump with the A button and attack with the B button. Also, different combinations of B and A presses can result in different attacks that will be unlocked later in the game. These can be viewed in the folder by pressing the + button and cycling through pages with either bumpers. You can also move K.O.’s hand around the pages to point or pick stuff up with a press of the A button.

In the hub area, if you approach Boxmore boxes, you can interact with them by pressing the Y button. Other moves like dodge roll can be done by pressing A and down on the analog stick. All the moves can be viewed in the folder.



Card Collection!

OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes Review Screenshot 2

I really like the card system here. There’s a section in your folder where you can sort your cards by moving them around in their plastic sleeves. All the information you need is located here. You can see their current power level at the bottom left of the card and the icon of the character in the centre. The green background slowly fills every time you help one of the heroes out and this levels up overtime.  Once it hits the top, that card will unlock its powie zowies ability, at which point you can add it to your MY PALS loadout. 


Don’t fret if you want to use other heroes in battle. It’s possible. All you need to do is cycle through the cards with the bumper buttons while in battle.  The heroes’ faces are displayed below your health bar – this also indicates who you are using.

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I’ve never watched the show so I can’t comment if all these tunes are from the cartoon, but the music is decent and fits OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes really well.


Voice clips and voice overall is fantastic! While there is some reading required, most of it is voice acted, which I love.

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OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes Review Screenshot 3


Visually, the game looks lovely. It’s so striking! The hub area looks like it’s been lifted straight from the show’s (yes, I watched the first episode) clean colour palette with little animations that are a nice touch. The character models make me smile – they are so well animated and have huge personalities. For example, the manager from the Bodega reminds me of Donkey Kong for some reason – he’s an over-sized body builder that only wears a pink tie and has a huge crush on K.O.’s mum. Another character I’ve found to be quite endearing is Enid, who works at the Bodega too, as a cashier. She’s a cool kid and has an obsession with social media. Some of her lines while talking to K.O. had me laughing.

Performance has been flawless. Nothing to report here – everything works great. The game supports pro controller, screenshots, as well as video capture and cloud saves.

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OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes retails for £17.99 on the eShop and I think it’s well worth it. I’ve been playing for around 10 hours and I’m still picking up new things. It has adventure/beat ‘em up/RPG elements. There are 24 heroes to unlock, new moves, and hilarious dialogue between characters. It’s a no-brainer if you love the cartoon show and even if you’ve never seen it before, then it’s still a great little adventure to pick up and play.

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24 heroes to unlock

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Awesome powie zowies – special moves!

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Voice acted cutscenes

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All favourites from the cartoon show

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Tedious fetch quests

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